Super Check Partial database Update

Posted by Trent, VK4TS


Hi Folks!

I am planning to release a new version of the Super Check Partial database files on July 2nd, 2015.  I am requesting your logs for input to the database files.  Please send your logs for this release before June 30th, 2015.

If you would like to contribute your CABRILLO format logs for the SCP database, please send them at any time to:<> Read more…

Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge 2015

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio club received this via the club Yahoo Group – but it needed sharing :-)

Just a bit more information for club members of SCARC…

The Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge offers an easy evening of 160 80 40 from local 6pm until 2 am.

The contest is held on the Saturday night of the third full weekend of July (18th July) Start Time is 08:00 UTC and finish time is 14:00 UTC.

This contest is to encourage Low Band Activity in Australia and New Zealand – The applicable bands are 160, 80 and 40M.

The modes are SSB CW and Digital (RTTY and PSK only).

We are allowed three transmitters – one for each band. We need to be agile with the mode changes to bounce from CW to SSB to RTTY/PSK.

It will be a nice easy opportunity to learn the ropes on HF Contesting and learn the ropes on a multitude of rules and modes.

As part of  the evening I would like to be able to offer the ability to run split headphones so that people who have not contested before are able to learn in a friendly environment.

WE WILL NOT BE USING ANY MORE THAN 100 WATTS.   (NB there is no 100 watt restriction)

Should be a good fun night and good preparation for the Remembrance Day Contest in August.

New Rule for CQWW – Recording of QSO’s – WARNING

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

This will  be a requirement in the not too distant future…you will need to record the entire contest.

It will affect most VK and ZL stations as we regularly finish in the top three in Oceania – Often because nobody else turns up but rules are rules.

NEW Rules for CQWW – (Probably extend to multi ops soon)

Read more…

WRTC 2018 Germany Latest Updates

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

WRTC 2018 is now updated to include ARRL SSB and CW – VK4LAT leapfrogs VK4SN VK4NM and VK4TS to nab first place in VK !!!! Must be something about the water in VK4 .

Holger ZL3IO is still leading the pack and sleeper VK4OH who maxed points in the WPX SSB sits smugly in 8th slot after only one contest.

Good luck in the selection process – The next relevant one on the calendar  is the ALL ASIAN CW Contest on June 20th 21st 2015.


VALE VK6DXI – Co- Founder of VKCC

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

VALE VK6DXI (SK) – Co- Founder of VKCC





“It is with great sadness that we inform you that Mirek Rozbicki has passed away today from a heart attack and brain aneurysm. He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends. We thank you for the messages we have already started to receive and will receive at this difficult time.

Rozbicki Family”


RIP Mirek you will be sadly missed



3W6DXI MIREK ROZBICKI Ho Chi Minh City- Saigon
7X0DX Mirek Rozbicki Bechar, Naama, Algiers
9M8DX Mirek Rozbicki VK6DXI 9M8DX Kuching East Malaysia
9M8DX/2 Mirek Rozbicki VK6DXI
FK/VK6DXI Mirek Rozbicki Oceania
VK6DXI Mirek Rozbicki Mindarie WA
VK9XU Mirek Rozbicki op VK6DXI
Z21DXI Mirek Rozbicki SP5IXI VK6DXI Bulawayo






CQWPX SSB 28th 29th March 2015

Posted by Trent, VK4TS


The CQWPX Contest fires up this weekend – band conditions are looking OK with a bit of volatility around.

Perhaps to fire up a few of you need to listen to a contester working a pileup at 430 QSOs per hour :-)

This is K9PG @ ZF2MM

The longer you listen to the techniques the more you pick up – learn from one of the best.



Russian Dx Contest 21st 22nd March

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

Again the Russian DX Contest clashes with the John Moyle – So if you are on HF there are plenty of active international stations to work.

With great pleasure The Russian DX Contest Team invites you to take part in RDXC-2015.

The event is 24 hours long and takes place March 21-22, 2015 from 1200z -1159z.

We promise you great activity from almost all Russian regions.

For those who care the RDXC-2105 is a qualifying event for WRTC-2018.

Keep in mind the regular log deadline is 14 days following the end of the contest. However, if you are hoping for a spot in the Top 3, you must submit your log within 36 hours of the closing bell and logs of the leaders must show the frequency of every QSO with a minimum resolution of 1 Khz.

The e-mail address for log submission is Our robot will check your log and you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You can confirm we’ve received your log at

John Moyle Field Day weekend 21st 22nd March

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

This weekend sees the return of the John Moyle Field Day weekend:

Aim Of The Contest

The aim is to encourage and provide familiarisation with portable and field operation, and provide training for emergency situations. The rules are therefore specifically designed and focussed to encourage field operations.

Read more…

VHF UHF Contesting- how can we give it a shot in the arm ?

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

VHF UHF Contesting- how can we give it a shot in the arm ?

Is it ham radio that needs the shot in the arm ? Inactive repeaters , few stations on most bands, stations with no antennae….

Is it too late to reverse the trend ?

Does VHF UHF contesting need to categorise Microwave and the rest ?

Has the Microwave focus disenfranchised too many ?

Why don’t F Calls partake ?

Is the Dx based scoring fundamentally flawed – Should it score only after 100 km ? And no more after 1000km ? Something like base score is ten points and then going up after 100 km and no points for under 25km ?

Should the field days be renamed Activity Days and all stations compete in the same categories ? Hilltoppers would be not unlike expeditions in HF contests… and have that advantage of location location location

Discussion is open on Yahoo Group, Facebook Group and VK Logger


CQ WW Online Database extended to 1953

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

N2NC and team have now extended the CQ WW online database back to 1953. Hard to believe there were only 167 phone entries and 187 CW entries back then.

CQ WW Online Database 1953-2013


Total Phone entries 168,423


Total CW entries 166,369


One cool thing to do is to see the winning score every year for any combination of country/category.


Randy, K5ZD