K6TU.NET adds support for generating Terrain Profiles

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

Woodside, California – January 21st 2015:


K6TU.NET adds support  for generating Terrain Profiles for use with ARRL HF Terrain Analysis tool


Stu K6TU’s propagation-as-a-service website at http://k6tu.net now provides you with the ability to generate a terrain profile for use with the ARRL HF Terrain Analysis (HFTA) tool.


Written by Dean Straw, N6BV, HFTA models the performance of horizontal antennas over the actual terrain surrounding the antenna and graphically displays the results.  HF antennas are impacted by terrain due to reflection and diffraction effects in the near field which can significantly enhance or degrade antenna performance.  Modeling these effects allows optimum antenna placement and selection of height above ground.


To support this modeling, the user must first obtain a terrain profile which describes the height of terrain around the antenna location.


Before Stu’s addition to K6TU.NET, the user had to obtain digital elevation data for their location and then use a GIS tool like MicroDEM to generate the profile.  This process is cumbersome and time consuming as the source of the data must be located, downloaded and then processed with MicroDEM before HFTA could be used.


With K6TU.NET you simply login to the site and fill in a Terrain Profile Request describing the location of the antenna in latitude and longitude.  Clicking on the “Generate Profile” button causes the request to be processed by the site in the background usually within 2 to 3 minutes.  The site sends you an email when the Terrain Profile Request is completed.


“The addition of this feature to K6TU.NET is superb!” says Trent Sampson VK4TS, going on to say “The process of getting terrain data was the bane of using HFTA and Stu has that nailed.  In a word, FANTASTIC”.


In addition to generating Terrain Profiles, Stu also has a utility he calls HFTASWEEP which uses HFTA to generate a detailed model of the antenna for use with K6TU.NET propagation predictions.  The combination of modeled antenna performance together with use of the effective-SSN (SSNe) enables “near cast” predictions to be made for contest and DX strategy planning.


Terrain Profile Requests are available to any user with a registered account on K6TU.NET at no charge.  A subscription to K6TU.NET is NOT necessary to obtain a Terrain Profile.  Stu’s site has copies of both the USGS National Elevation Dataset (for the United States) and the NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission dataset (Outside US with data for the world between latitude 60 South and 60 North) enabling fast turnaround of requests.


For more information visit Stu’s site at http://k6tu.net/TerrainProfiles


Stu Phillips – K6TU


ARRL DX Contests 2015

Posted by Trent, VK4TS


Objective: To encourage W/VE stations to expand knowledge of DX propagation on the HF and MF bands, improve operating skills, and improve station capability by creating a competition in which DX stations may only contact W/VE stations.

W/VE amateurs work as many DX stations in as many DXCC entities as possible on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands.

DX stations work as many W/VE stations in as many of the 48 contiguous states and provinces as possible. Read more…

2015 Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

Advanced notice for your diary

The 2015 Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint will be held on Saturday 2nd May this year.

The rules are essentially unchanged from previous years with the exception of a new category for SWL/receive only entries.

Full details and rules have just been updated on the WIA Contest website:-


or at VKCC


Don’t forget that the HA counts towards points in the Peter Brown Contest Champion Trophy.

Make a note in your diary and hope to hear you on the air on May 2nd.

Kevin Johnston VK4UH
HA Contest Manager

CQ Magazine Contest Hall of Fame

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

CQ Magazine Contest Hall of Fame

If you or your club want to nominate someone for the CQ Magazine Contest Hall of Fame, now is the time.

Nominations for the Contest and DX Halls of Fame are made by contesting or DX clubs or national organizations, and must be submitted by March 1 of each year to be considered.

A maximum of two (2) people may be inducted into each hall of fame each year.

Nominations for the CQ Contest and DX Halls of Fame should be directed to CQ (DX or Contest) Hall of Fame, c/o CQ magazine, 25 Newbridge Rd., Hicksville, NY 11801 USA; or via e-mail to w2vu@cq-amateur-radio.com. Be sure to specify for which hall of fame the nomination is made.

More info at http://www.cq-amateur-radio.com/cq_awards/cq_hall_of_fame_awards/cq_hall_of_ fame_awards.html

W2VU handles the nomination process. I just want everyone to be aware of the process. By the way, nominations are not held over from year to year. If you nominated someone who did not get in, you must resubmit each year.

Randy, K5ZD

Ross Hull starts an exciting 2015 in Contesting Happy New Year

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

January 1 2015 and that means the Ross Hull Contest is underway – VHF UHF Contesting for a full month -

Entrants may operate on every contest day, but the final score is based on the best seven days nominated by the entrant.

For amateurs with limited operating time, there is also a “Best 2 Days” section. For many entrants, the two days of the Summer VHF-UHF Field Day will probably turn out to be the best two days in the month. You can import your Summer VHF-UHF Field Day contacts into your Ross Hull log.

Each contact scores one point for each 100 km of distance worked. This score is then multiplied by the band multiplier. The total score is the sum of the scores on all bands.


New Rules for Trans Tasman 2015

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

TT2015 has many rules changes.

There will be two contests that are identical – they will be held in May and July.

Both Contests will offer 160 80 40M Bands

There will be three Modes SSB CW and Digital. (RTTY or PSK)

There will be three power levels High (open) Medium (100 watt) and QRP (10 watts ).

There will be these power levels as categories for Single op and Multi Operator.

Categories will be :

Multi Op – High Low QRP

Single Op  High Low QRP

There will be no single mode or band category – We are trying to encourage all contesters to use multi modes/bands.

Repeat contacts will be allowed every  hour. You will be able to contact another station on SSB,CW and RTTY (PSK) every  hour on every band 160 80 40.

Multipliers will be in the shape of VK and ZL Prefixes eg ZL1-0 VK1-0 and ZM1-0 and VI1-0. (every hour)

All contacts will be worth 1 point. The multipliers will mean you will need to change bands to grab the extra multipliers.

These changes were bought about by the responses to the Survey of active competitors.




Final Results of the Trans Tasman 160M/80M Multi Mode Contest 2014

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

Final Results of the Trans Tasman 160M/80M Multi Mode Contest 2014

Single Op

Roger Crofts VK4YB has proven he is the gun of the LF operators in VK and ZL taking out the second leg of the Trans Tasman. again as no Multi operators beat Roger then he is rightly the #1 station in LF Down under.

First home in the ZLs was ZL4R with Ron Falconer at the helm.

Multi Ops 160 Ph only

Richard Cerveny VK2AAH and Justin  Lavery VK2CU teamed up again and topped the pops in the 160M battle as VK2CU holding out ZL3UR and VK2AWX the team at the Hunter Radio Group.

80M CW Single op 

VK3WF Stjepan Nikolic kept VK2AWD David Avery at bay with a admirable 277 Points


VK2CCC Thomas sqeaked his way to 389 points and even outdid the 100 watt stations great effort Thomas

80M Digital Single op 

Rick Hill VK6XT seems to have a hold on this category with 375 points beating rival ZL3VZ Bill Cousins on 258 points

Both Bands CW Single op

 VK5LJ Lawrie Mew 293 in front of VK2BJT Ian Miller 194

Both Bands Multi Op Multi Mode 

ZL3YOK had no challengers but scored a very creditable 459 for the contest.

Both Bands Single Op Multi Mode 

Geralsd VK2IO/P with 613 points was well in front of Alan Shannon VK4SN on 314 – no photo finish there..


Callsign: Name: Category:   Points Claimed Place
160M Ph Multi Op
VK2CU VK2CU, VK2AAH 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 659 1
ZL3UR ZL4RO  ZL3LC 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 570 2
VK2AWX Hunter Radio Group 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 564 3
ZL2AS HBARC Hastings NZART Branch 13 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 523 4
VK5ARG Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Inc. 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 195 5
VK3III Wimmera Amateur Radio Group 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 54 6
160M Ph Single Op
VK4YB Roger Crofts 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 717 1
ZL4R/ZL3 Ron M Falconer 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 552 2
VK4ZD Bill Main 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 480 3
ZL2W Mike S Mather 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 477 4
VK5CV Andrew Russell 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 111 5
ZL3TT Kingsley Smith 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 84 6
VK3GK Lee Moyle 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 42 7
VK4QH Ken 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 6 ENTRANT
80M CW Single Op
VK3WF Stjepan Nikolic 80m – CW,  Single-Op 277 1
VK2AWD David Avery 80m – CW,  Single-Op 213 2
ZL3VZ Bill Cousins 80m – CW,  Single-Op 203 3
80M CW Single Op QRP
VK2CCC/Q Tomas Magyla 80m – CW,  Single-Op,  QRP 389 1
VK2RQ Matt Maguire 80m – CW,  Single-Op,  QRP 104 2
80m – Dig,  Single-Op
VK6XT Rick Hill 80m – Dig,  Single-Op 375 1
ZL3VZ Bill Cousins 80m – Dig,  Single-Op 258 2
VK5NE Paul Roehrs 80m – Dig,  Single-Op 250 3
VK2IUW Hilary Bridel 80m – Dig,  Single-Op 122 4
Both Bands – CW,  Single-Op
VK5LJ Lawrie Mew Both Bands – CW,  Single-Op 293 1
VK2BJT Ian Miller Both Bands – CW,  Single-Op 194 2
Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Multi-Op
ZL3YOK Quentin Pooke Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Multi-Op 459 1
ZL3YOK ZL2ARC, ZL3YOK Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Multi-Op 459 2
ZL3YOK ZL2ARC, ZL3YOK Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Multi-Op 459 2
Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Single-Op
VK2IO/P Gerard Hill Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Single-Op 613 1
VK4SN Alan Shannon Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Single-Op 314 2
ZL1BHD Steve Wright Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Single-Op 288 3

Final Results of the Trans Tasman 80M Only Contest 2014

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

Final Results of the Trans Tasman 80M Only Contest 2014

Single Op

Overall winner was Roger Crofts VK4YB with a score of 2486. Roger used a double extended Zepp and a K3 to power away from all competitors. Roger was even in front of the multi operators so this year the claim of the best 80M station undeniably  belongs to VK4YB. Bill Main VK4ZD was always loud on the band and took out second spot on 1689 points while Tony Hambling VK3VTH was the highest scoring standard call on 1533 points.

Top ZL was Bill Cousins ZL3VZ on 1335 literally pipping Mike Mather ZL2W (ZL2CC) on the post who had 1329. It was also good to see Rob Glassey ZL3AKM putting in a log with 1099 points

 Top F Call went to the Bundaberg based Brett Finger VK4FTWO with 397 points.

Multi Op

In the  Multi Op category the Girls Guides Callemondah team VK2GGC of VK2ZMT and VK2PV cranked out a total of 2,293 with Lou and Jenny Blasco at VK3ALB hot on their heels scoring 1,806 points, ZL3UR came in First ZL and third overalll for their efforts.

QRP Category

QRP Category – the winner was VK2IG/QRP Mike Downer with a very credible 997 points in front of VK3LM Michael Binz on 307 Points


Callsign: Name: Category: Place Points Claimed
Multi Op
VK2GGC Girl Guides Callemondah 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op 1 2293
VK3ALB Lou and Jenni Blasco 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op 2 1806
ZL3UR Graham and McRobie 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op 4 1522
VK4WIL LOCKYER VALLEY ARC 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op 5 1424
VK2CU Mountain Toppers Contest Team 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op 6 1314
VK3FRC F.A.M.P.A.R.C. 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op 7 1233
VK5ARG  Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Inc. 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op 8 1205
ZL4AL Eastern Southland Br 08 NZART 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op 9 969
VK2AFA 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op 10 656
VK2AOJ Port Stephens Amateur Radio Club Inc 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op Entrant 568
VK2AWA VK2AWA GROUP 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op Entrant 419
VK6WI WIA VK6 80m – Ph,  Multi-Op Entrant 316
Single op
VK4YB Roger Crofts 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 1 2486
VK4ZD Bill Main 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 2 1689
VK3VTH Tony Hambling 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 3 1533
VK4GH Catherine Hammond 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 4 1480
VK2IO/P Gerard Hill 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 5 1444
ZL3VZ Bill Cousins 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 6 1335
ZL2W Mike S Mather 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 7 1329
VK2AOR Robert Hudson 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 8 1235
ZL3YOK Quentin Pooke 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 9 1105
ZL3AKM Rob Glassey 80m – Ph,  Single-Op 10 1099
VK2ELF Rowan Dollar 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 1056
VK5LJ Lawrie Mew 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 1036
ZL1YE Bruce Steel 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 1003
ZL1BHD Steve Wright 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 966
VK4NP Norm Greenaway 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 931
VK4ATH Tom Hatton 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 755
VK4MDX David Olsen 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 648
VK2IUW Hilary Bridel 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 593
VK5DT Darren Jury 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 538
VK4DMC Dale McCarthy 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 515
VK7GN Martin Luther 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 511
VK6DXI Mirek Rozbicki 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 408
VK4FTWO Brett Finger 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 397
VK3TZ Tony Burt 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 391
VK2LEE Lee Noonan 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 284
VK3GK Lee Moyle 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 230
VK4TS Trent Sampson 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 175
VK4MON Mark Curry 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 156
VK2PN Patrick Novak 80m – Ph,  Single-Op Entrant 78
VK2IG/Q Mike Dower 80m – Ph,  Single-Op,  QRP 1 997
VK3LM Michael Binz 80m – Ph,  Single-Op,  QRP 2 307




2014 Claimed Scores of the Year #1 VK4QH SOAB SSB

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

New Record SSB SOAB record Oceania Dx Contest

Oceania DX Contest Results for VK4QH

Band QSOs Pts Pfx
1.8 4 80 4
3.5 18 180 17
7 209 1045 116
14 389 389 251
21 475 950 309
28 953 2859 434
Total 2048 5503 1131
Score: 6,223,893


Equipment :

Radios: Yaesu FT1000MP MKV, Yaesu FT1000MP MKV Field, Yaesu FT920, Yaesu FT847, Yaesu FT100D.

Amplifier: Yaesu VL1000 Quadra.

Microphone/Headset: Heil Pro-set Plus!, Heil Pro-Set-4, Yaesu MD-1

Rotators: Yaesu G-1000DXA, Kenpro KR600RC.

Antenna’s: TET HB443DX Quad Band Yagi 3 Elements on 40 Meters and 4 Elements on 10, 15 & 20 Meters on Tower No. 2

Hy-Gain TH6DX Waiting to go up on tower No.3

6 Element 10 Meter OWA Yagi on a 10.7 meter Boom Design by www.g0ksc.co.uk on Tower No. 1

160 Meter Loop.

40 meter 4 Square with 256 radials, controlled by Array Solutions phased controller.

80 Meter Loop.

80 Meter DX Window 1/4 wave vertical with 48 radials ATM ..More to be added soon.

6 Meter Home Brew 5 element Yagi.

2m/70cm Diamond GP9 Vertical.

WX0B StackMatch which allows up to 3 antennas to be used at the same time.

Tower No 1: 2 Stage 13.7 meter Nally Self supporting, Tilt over Tower.

Tower No 2: 2 Stage 14.5 meter Home modified Tilt over Tower.

Tower No.3 :3 Stage 18 meter in process of being modified to tilt over.

Interests : Chasing DX and Contesting On my own and with my club The Lockyer Valley Amateur Radio Club VK4WIL.

Member of the VK Contest Club

Club Website: www.lvrec.org

My Facebook Page http://facebook.com/VK4QH Add me if you like !!!

My Email Address: vk4qh@wia.org.au

VK2GGC ARRL 10M Contest

Posted by Trent, VK4TS


100 Miles NW Sydney, Australia.

Thanks to all stations who called in to log a contact with us during the ARRL 10m Contest.  Here is a short preview of this year’s video of the event:


For some more images and news on the ARRL 10m contest and other site info click here:  https://www.facebook.com/VK2GGC