Worked All Germany Contest

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

Reminder Worked All Germany Contest

This is the invitation and reminder for Worked All Germany Contest on the upcoming weekend of October 18/19th in CW and mixed on 80-10m (1500 to 1459 UTC).

With normally more than 2000 active stations from Germany there should be enough activity for contesters to enjoy at least some hours.

Therefore we kindly ask you to spread this invitation amongst your members. WAG is something for the seasoned operator enjoying running hours to Germany as well as for S&P-ops chasing still another DOK.

WAG is more than the final test for a WWDX-setup. Even for stations normally too far or too close for a TopTen-slot WAG will satisfy the award hunter, the “fresh meat” op from a sought after location or simply give a chance to refreseh ties to Germany and its hams.

So thanks in advance to those trying the difficult longhaul QSOs or scattering for close in contacts on the highbands! So we would be happy if you could send this invitation to your reflectors, newsletters, forums or mailing lists. And please let us also know opinions, wishes and proposals for improvement (other than for better condx).

All necessary info about WAG with rules, record and hints on our website:

Thank you in advance, hopefully cu and best 73,


Chris DL8MBS WAG Contestmanager

After the Contest – Blow your trumpet

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

While many are happy to post to the VKCC Yahoo Forum this is a limited field and misses many of the O/S Stations you have worked; to update them different avenues are available. Read more…

Mirek’s Update October 2014

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

The DXi Report ! 

Dear contesters

Don’t forget that the 2014 Oceania DX PHONE contest is happening over this
coming weekend (4/5 October), and the CW contest on the following weekend
(11/12 October).

We have recently set up a Twitter account for the contest – you are invited
to follow us on Twitter @ocdxcontest for the latest news. Read more…

Monthly Sprints

Posted by Trent, VK4TS


First Contest November 2014

Every month – First Sunday of the month from 11:00 to 12:00 UTC.


VKCC Sprints will vary during the year to emulate the premier contest of the month = CQWW CW

The first Sunday evening spring will be CW/SSB  under the CQ WW rules with a twist rather than Zone the multiplier is the years licensed.

Pick a number 00~40 (Maximum) and go for it – CQ WW rules apply bands are only 80 /40 Multipliers are Years licensed plus countries worked

You have one hour to maximise the number of contacts and the number of different years licenced and the number of different DXCC countries.

Full Rules to be released after Oceania Dx Contest 2014

Sprint WebSite Programming – A new standard

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

If we take the following website as a standard :

Does anyone have the knowledge of websites/programming (or know someone who does) to be able to implement a system like this for our VKCC webSite ?  - Our Website is created using WordPress.

ILLW / RD – RD Managers point of view

Posted by Alan VK4SN


I cannot believe that so much AR publicity goes into maybe two ILLW stations who refuse to give out numbers for the RD, and maybe two rogue contesters who push the boundary a bit, causing the ILLW to jump up in arms. Such a miniority – such mountains out of mole hills.

What happened to respect fellow hams, – if it’s no then move on.
I also see that contesters are tagged “against the spirit of the hobby” (by the editor in Oct AR), if we ask for a number from an ILLW stn.
Hang on a minute.. if someone on the street asks you for the time, do you tell them NO? Common courtesy says of course you give them the time otherwise you are the one against the spirit of humanity, not the person asking. Same scenario as I see it.

So now we have arguments from both sides of the fence and I truly believe if a contester gets a “no number” then move on, but I also think it is not a friendly or sociable attitude from one or two ILLW stations, but we should always respect their decision not to participate.

ILLW will probably not be moved, as the RD won’t be moved. Remember there are many personal and emotional ties to the 15th of August and the RD is all about this and the remembrance of such. Lest we forget.

Let’s get over our minor differences and get on with it.

Alan VK4SN
RD Manager


Sunday Evening Sprints

Posted by Trent, VK4TS


First Contest November 2014

Every month – First Sunday of the month from 11:00 to 12:00 UTC.


Trans Tasman 2014

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

Trans Tasman 2014 results have been forwarded to all competitors – Website posts will be done in a couple of days as contestants have been asked to check spelling of names etc. Please advise if you (as a contestor) didn’t receive all emails . There should be three – the Survey, the Spreadsheet, and the Certificate Sample   de VK4TS

Spring VHF-UHF Field Day

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

Spring VHF-UHF Field Day 2014 – 22/23 November

Jobs to do for everyone prior to Field Day
Read more…

Contest Preparation a different slant

Posted by Trent, VK4TS

In what has been a major revelation in Amateur radio circles it has been revealed that all teams in the Soccer World Cup who abstained from sex have been eliminated before the quarter finals.

Competitors at the WRTC 2014 are reading this with interest as they seek to find any advantage over the opposition.

Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has allowed his men to go for their life, but they can’t engage in acrobatic sex.

Nigeria permits players to have sex; only with their wives but not their girlfriends.

We are still waiting for comments from WRTC competitors but at this stage we are sure plans are afoot….. In unrelated news Drug Stores in Marlborough MA have been swamped with Viagra orders..
Read more: