I’m the  Ross Hull VHF UHF Memorial Contest Manager and am looking to increase interest in this long running contest.

The contest was established in 1950 to honour the memory of the late Ross A. Hull an Australian, who by his pioneering achievements in the study of tropospheric propagation, developed new equipment and techniques for the higher bands.

The Ross Hull Contest is a DX contest, where points are awarded for distances worked. There are also band multipliers to encourage activity on the higher bands.

Stations in New Zealand have been frequently worked and logged. In 2012 the first New Zealander, Mr R. Mcquarrie ZL3TY was the first New Zealand station to win the contest.

The contest is open to all amateur radio operators, and they are encouraged to work as many VHF and UHF stations as possible over January 2021.

I encourage stations outside VK such as in New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and other countries to enter a log to obtain a score.

There is no need for contest stations out side VK to have to work any stations in Australia, as it is a matter of DX and tropospheric propagation.

Further information relating to the Ross Hull VHF UHF Memorial Contest may be found at https://www.wia.org.au/members/contests/rosshull/.

There is no requirement to be a member of the WIA, just have fun and enjoy our hobby; looking to receiving your log for 2021.

Please pass this invitation to all the members of your amateur radio organisation.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter,


Rob Heyer      VK2XIC

Simple software to use is available here – NOTE you can be anywhere in the world to enter the Ross Hull there is no requirement to work VK Stations – it is a month long activity


75th Oceania DX Contest 3rd October 2020 WIA NZART

Contest history

Frank Hine VK2QL shack 1935The historic Oceania DX (“OCDX”) Contest is one of the longest-running contests in the amateur radio calendar, on a par with classics such as the RGSB Commonwealth Contest (formerly BERU) and CQ World Wide DX Contest (CQ WW).

It is an annual competition between radio amateurs to make contacts on the HF (shortwave) bands, specifically DX (long distance) contacts with stations in Oceania.

From the mid-1930s until the end of the millennium, the contest was known variously as the “VK DX Contest” and “VK/ZL Contest”.  It was renamed the “Oceania DX Contest” in 2000 in recognition of increased participation from the entire Oceania region.

Aside from VK, ZL, YB and KH6 hams, contestants from many of the rarer Pacific islands get on the air for the contest, making this an excellent opportunity for DXing. Some intrepid contesters plan trips to the islands to coincide with OCDX because they know DXers will be beaming this way.

In the latter half of the twentieth Century, WIA and NZART took turns to manage the contest each year.  Concerns such as frequent rule changes and limited promotion led in 2000 to the establishment of a combined Oceania DX Contest Committee comprising VK and ZL contesters.  The joint management committee, coupled with more stable rules and increased global promotion of the event, has led to a year-on-year growth in participation from both Oceania and DX entrants.

VK4XQM 4Steady improvements in the South Pacific region’s infrastructure make it easier than ever before to visit and operate from many of the Pacific islands.

There are daily, direct air links from the rest of the world to major hubs such as Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Indonesia, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji, of course.

The growing network of regional flights is opening up tourism to more exotic places such as Tahiti, Rarotonga and the South Cooks, Papua New Guinea, French Caledonia, Norfolk Island, Chatham Island, Solomon Islands, Bora Bora and Kiribati among others, making the Pacific an increasingly popular destination for both DXpeditioners and holidaymakers.  October’s fabulous Spring-time weather and outstanding natural beauty, coupled with the traditional Pacific hospitality, a very warm and friendly welcome (starting at the airport arrivals hall – or the airport hut in some places!), and endless pileups make for memorable trips either way.

Looking forward, the Committee plans to continue automating the checking and analysis of logs, speeding up the process while at the same time reducing the painstaking and tedious manual work.  We have renewed our efforts to promote the contest globally, with a perennial year-round OCDX marketing plan and a press officer.

Help us exploit the legacy of this historic content by spreading the word among the DX and contest communities, through your local clubs, and most of all getting on the air during the first two full weekends of October – the more the merrier.




The Oceania DX (OCDX) contest committee is pleased to announce that the full results of the 2019 OCDX contest have been published on the OCDX website at www.OceaniaDXcontest.com.  Here are the VK winners and new records – well done everyone!


Call Category Score Result


VK5HC PH SO ALL QRP 23832 Continent Leader


VK2NSS PH SO ALL LP 132650 Country Leader


VK4DI PH SO ALL HP 501160 Country Leader


VK3IO PH SO 160M HP 6400 Continent Leader


VK3FWDS PH SO 80M QRP 480 Continent Leader + Country Record


VK7JAM PH SO 80M LP 10 Country Leader


VK1PP PH SO 40M QRP 560 Country Leader


VK3QB PH SO 40M LP 21630 Country Leader


VK3BDX PH SO 40M HP 28280 Country Leader


VK2KS PH SO 20M HP 725 Country Leader


VK4NM PH M1 1386708 Continent Leader


VK4QH PH M2 2217897 Continent Leader


VK3KJ PH MM 760424 Continent Leader



VK4QS CW SO ALL QRP 781 Country Leader


VK3MI CW SO ALL LP 279006 Continent Leader


VK4CT CW SO ALL HP 2201160 Continent Leader


VK2IG CW SO 40M LP 115935 Country Leader


VK2CCC CW SO 40M HP 295450 Country Leader


VK3MH CW SO 20M LP 49 Country Leader


VK4SN CW SO 20M HP 34008 Continent Leader


VK2BV CW MM 144914 Continent Leader + Country Record


The Geelong Amateur Radio Club wins the Australia Club plaque again in 2019 (for the 7th year in a row!) with a total of 3 eligible logs being submitted from members VK3DJ, VK3DQW and VK3ZIB. We note many VK entrants did  not identify their affiliation with any organisation for the purpose of awarding this plaque. So please remember to consider the Cabrillo log CLUB: field when you submit your log for the 2020 contest. Note: VKCC does not count, only local clubs count as per the plaque rules.

Also, a special shout out to Theo Marinos VK5IR for winning the 2019 CW newcomer plaque!

Trial of a new start time for the 75th 2020 OCDX Contest

As flagged in the publication of the 2018 results, the OCDX Committee has explored bringing forward the contest start and end times in order to give stations in the Eastern parts of Oceania (e.g. New Zealand and Eastern Australia) more time on Sunday afternoon to pack up and travel home (for those operating portable stations), and to recover from their efforts, noting that the Monday is a work day for many entrants.

After reviewing the comments from entrants, the Committee has decided to trial the bringing forward of the start and end times by two hours for the 2020 contest, i.e. the Phone and CW sections will each run from Saturday 06:00 UTC to Sunday 06:00 UTC. The Committee will decide whether to make the change permanent after considering any feedback from this year’s trial.

Given this decision, the 75th Oceania DX contest will now be held over the first two full weekends of October 2020 at the following dates and times:

  • Phone Section: 06:00 UTC Saturday 3 October to 06:00 UTC Sunday 4 October 2020
  • CW Section: 06:00 UTC Saturday 10 October to 06:00 UTC Sunday 11 October 2020

The full set of rules for the 2020 OCDX contest are here.

2020 plaques and trophies

The ongoing sponsorship of plaques is important for maintaining and growing interest in the contest. Thanks to the generosity of new sponsors we are pleased to announce three new plaques for the 2020 contest:

  • Mike Charteris VK4QS is sponsoring a plaque for the top entrant from Australia in the CW Single Operator ALL Band QRP category.
  • Diane Main VK4DI and Bill Main VK4ZD are sponsoring a plaque for the highest scoring YL (female) entrant from Australia in the Phone section (in any category).
  • Endah Winarti YB3VI is sponsoring a new plaque for the top entrant from Indonesia with an Advanced Class (YC/YF) or Extra Class (YB/YE) licence in any of the Phone Single Operator 40M Band categories (i.e. any power).

The Committee has also decided to adjust the rules for the 2020 OCDX contest so that only one plaque or trophy will be awarded per entry. For example, a station winning a Continent plaque will not be considered for a sub-area award. The latter award will be given to the runner-up for the sub-area. This change will help ensure that the recognition and motivation from receiving a plaque is distributed as widely and fairly as possible.

Finally, the OCDX contest is one of the longest-running events in the international DX contest calendar. It originated in 1935 as the VK-ZL International DX contest although it was suspended from 1937 to 1947 due to World War II. The Committee believes 2020 is the contest’s 75th year. We look forward to seeing you all again, and please spread the word to encourage new entrants, so we can have a big party to celebrate the 75th running of this legendary contest!

73 from OCDX Contest Committee

(Lee VK3GK, Brian VK3MI/ZL1AZE, Tony VK3TZ, Phil VK4FH, Martin VK7GN, Karsono YB0NDT, Mike ZL1AXG, Gary ZL2IFB and Geoff ZL3GA)


VKCC Lunch Ipswich Jets – Who you missed

VKCC Lunch Ipswich Jets – Who you missed


David VK4UC, constructor of many competitive high gain antenna from the G0KSC stable


Bernd VK2IA, Member of the CQWW Committee and WRTC 2018 Official

Image result for bernd langer vk2ia wrtc



Kevin VK4UH member of Redcliffe Radio club , one of the VK9NA team, co-manager of the Harry Angel Contest

Image result for VK4UH

Image result for VK4UH


Roger VK2ZRH VHF UHF Contest manager for the WIA Field Days

Image result for VK2zrh


John VK4EMM or VK4CT QLD based cw contester, record holder in CQWPX CW

Image result for VK4CT

Ken VK4QH owner of one of the top VK Single operator stations. record holder Oceania DX Contest SSB

Alan VK4SN Contest manager of the WIA RD Contest


Col VK4MIL long term enthusiast on 6M bands and up

Image result for VK4mil


lots of awesome information shared


FACEBOOK – Groups that may interest you



The VKCC own FB page




Amateur Radio Australasia


Both groups are open – that means all posts are visible – this tends to stop the keyboard warriors and the trolls – at the same time promoting our activities.


Regards to all and have an awesome New Year 2019


VK4 Lunch at Ipswich Jets 2018


Please RSVP to help organising

The VK Contest Club VK4 chapter are hosting an annual get together at Ipswich Jets – For all radio amateurs to enjoy an afternoon of camaraderie.

VK Contest Club (VK1CC) is a national organisation for all contest minded hams in Australia with objectives:

  • To promote contesting in Australia;
  • To provide an Australian platform for contest-related discussions, information exchange, topics etc;
  • To encourage and co-ordinate participation in domestic and international contests;
  • To raise contest operating standards;
  • To represent Australian contesters internationally and domestically;
  • To lobby the interest of Australian contesters with the Australian Communications and Media Authority, the Wireless Institute of Australia and other national and local government institutions;
  • To archive and manage Australian contest records and sponsor awards for Australian top-scorers

Membership of the VKCC is Free to licenced amateurs.



Ipswich Jets 2018 VK Contest Club Lunch 29th December

Open to all Amateurs




Request to change the start time of the ODXT

Oceania Dx Contest Committee Forwarded 08/05/2018

Please add your weight to the move.

Dear Sirs,

I wish to ask that you consider a change to the start time of the Oceania Dx Contest to align with 00:00 UTC 24:00 UTC

With many ops looking to remote locations away from City noise the end time on Sunday means either dismantling in the dark or waiting until Monday AM.

Even worse in ZL or the Eastern Pacific.

For those on the western edge of Oceania it would mean a finish around 7am local and for those on the Eastern edge it would mean around 2pm local for Hawaii.


PO Box 275
Mooloolaba 4557


Oceania Dx Contest SSB and CW 2018


Counting down the final days!


A reminder that the 2018 OCDX contest is happening over the first two weekends in October. The PHONE section runs from 08:00z on 6th October to 08:00z on 7th October, and the CW section at the same times on the following weekend (13th and 14th October).  Please read the 2018 rules.


Thanks to our generous sponsors, numerous trophies and plaques are up for grabs again this year, including a new plaque from the Radio Amateur Society of Australia to be awarded to the top entrant from New Zealand in the CW Single-Operator ALL Band High Power category.


Listen out for the Quake Contesters (ZL3GA, ZL3PAH, ZL3AB and ZL4TT) who will be entering OCDX Phone and CW contests from Niue this year with the callsign E6Y. If you are planning something special for the 2018 OCDX contest, please let us know and we will post it on the web site.


For clues about what to expect during the contest and who your rivals might be, catch up with the latest newsresultssoapbox comments and records from previous OCDX events on our website.  Most importantly, take a moment to review the OCDX rules.  Have you decided which category to enter yet?


With the kind assistance of WA7BNM, the committee is introducing an online web form for the submission of logs in the 2018 contest. This replaces the email robot that we have used in previous years. Information about how to submit your log using this new web form will shortly be posted on our web site and in an updated version of the 2018 OCDX rules.  


Any questions? Have a look at our website http://www.oceaniadxcontest.com/index.html or send an email toinfo@oceaniadxcontest.com .


73 and see you in the pileups!


Oceania DX Contest Committee (ZL2IFB, ZL3GA, VK4FH, VK3GK, VK3MI/ZL1AZE, VK3TZ, VK7GN)


Posted by: “Brian Miller” <bdm556@bigpond.com>


RD Contest

Greetings RD Contestor.

How do you send in your RD Log?

Your log needs to be in Cabrillo Format


This is a standard output on most logging programmes – even ones for Mac
If you only have an ADIF Log you can use an ADIF to Cabrillo convertor. (google will find one)

If you only have a few contacts the log can be uploaded or sent in by cut and paste on this website