Remembrance Day de VK4SN

Remembrance Day Contest Information

(If you’re a member of a club, please forward this to your members and ham friends. Thank you)

17 & 18 August 2013 –

The new start and finish times are 0300z or 1PM eastern states time
which will allow you to spend half day contesting and the other half
with loved ones – since they let you contest. 

Think about nominating a team to the contest manager,
as last year teams were very successful.

I have removed the excel spread sheet logger from the downloadable files
on the WIA RD page. Too many people have been ‘playing’ with
formats making it totally useless for me to process. If you can use
Excel, you have a computer, so therefore I recommend downloading
a logger from the site and use that. So much easier for all concerned
and the format is generated as required.

Receiving your log is most important and it adds points to your
state total. If you have problems sending your log, please don’t
hesitate to call or email me so I can help you with it.

Look at the logging examples for portable and interstate operators,
as shown on the WIA RD website. Correct logging will make it easier
for the Cabrillo checker and won’t score zero points when logged incorrectly.
For example, one may log VK4XX/M1 for mobile in vk1,
but really it’s vk4xx portable in England. England scores zero points. 

The International Light house weekend will be sharing the bands
with us and in the true spirit of Amateur Radio, it is great to see
that some of these stations are participating in the RD as well as
the Lighthouse weekend.
I have also been informed that some ILLW stations will not be
giving out numbers for the RD as they wish to remain 100% ILLW.

So remember your etiquette, READ THE RULES, and have a great time in the RD
and PLEASE, send me your log .

Best 73 TU es GL

RD Contest Manager