Month: October 2013

Zone Prop – tools for the CQ WW This is updated every hour and lists the bands to best work the zones in any one hour - With the high sunspots [...]

VK Shires Contest 2013

VK Shires Contest 2013 The VK Shires Contest will have the results posted on line on the 1st November 2013. Richard VK2BO was moving house and needed to [...]

Waiting for the Remembrance Day Contest Results?

Waiting for the Remembrance Day Contest Results? The next issue of AR magazine will contain the results. Once the mag is out, (about 2 weeks away) the full [...]

D4C CQWW DX 2013 Multi/Multi

D4C Update. Since we started the project we always wanted the possibility to cover all possible categories permitted by the contest rules. This means that [...]

Oceania Logs Due in EOM

Dont forget to submit your Oceania SSB and CW Logs -Due in End of October Log deadline for PH and CW logs - 31st October in the year of the contest Send [...]

CQWW Frequently Asked Questions

CQ WW Contest Rules - Frequently Asked Questions The purpose of this page is to answer some of the common questions about the rules of the CQ WW DX contests [...]

CQ WW 2013 SSB

The 2013 CQ World-Wide DX Contest SSB: October 26-27      CW: November 23-24 Starts 00:00:00 UTC Saturday    Ends 23:59:59 UTC Sunday I. [...]

Teams are set for WRTC2014 Competition

Teams are set for WRTC2014 Competition WRTC2014, Inc., host of the 2014 World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC), is proud to announce the fifty five teams [...]

Oceania Dx Contest – SSB and CW

Oceania Dx Contest 2013 VK4NM and VK4LAT are pushing the envelope to win a third straight Multi Single title in the Oceania Contest this weekend - The crew [...]