Final Results of the Trans Tasman 160M/80M Multi Mode Contest 2014

Single Op

Roger Crofts VK4YB has proven he is the gun of the LF operators in VK and ZL taking out the second leg of the Trans Tasman. again as no Multi operators beat Roger then he is rightly the #1 station in LF Down under.

First home in the ZLs was ZL4R with Ron Falconer at the helm.

Multi Ops 160 Ph only

Richard Cerveny VK2AAH and Justin  Lavery VK2CU teamed up again and topped the pops in the 160M battle as VK2CU holding out ZL3UR and VK2AWX the team at the Hunter Radio Group.

80M CW Single op 

VK3WF Stjepan Nikolic kept VK2AWD David Avery at bay with a admirable 277 Points


VK2CCC Thomas sqeaked his way to 389 points and even outdid the 100 watt stations great effort Thomas

80M Digital Single op 

Rick Hill VK6XT seems to have a hold on this category with 375 points beating rival ZL3VZ Bill Cousins on 258 points

Both Bands CW Single op

 VK5LJ Lawrie Mew 293 in front of VK2BJT Ian Miller 194

Both Bands Multi Op Multi Mode 

ZL3YOK had no challengers but scored a very creditable 459 for the contest.

Both Bands Single Op Multi Mode 

Geralsd VK2IO/P with 613 points was well in front of Alan Shannon VK4SN on 314 – no photo finish there..


Callsign: Name: Category:   Points Claimed Place
160M Ph Multi Op
VK2CU VK2CU, VK2AAH 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 659 1
ZL3UR ZL4RO  ZL3LC 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 570 2
VK2AWX Hunter Radio Group 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 564 3
ZL2AS HBARC Hastings NZART Branch 13 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 523 4
VK5ARG Amateur Radio Experimenters Group Inc. 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 195 5
VK3III Wimmera Amateur Radio Group 160m – Ph,  Multi-Op 54 6
160M Ph Single Op
VK4YB Roger Crofts 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 717 1
ZL4R/ZL3 Ron M Falconer 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 552 2
VK4ZD Bill Main 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 480 3
ZL2W Mike S Mather 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 477 4
VK5CV Andrew Russell 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 111 5
ZL3TT Kingsley Smith 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 84 6
VK3GK Lee Moyle 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 42 7
VK4QH Ken 160m – Ph,  Single-Op 6 ENTRANT
80M CW Single Op
VK3WF Stjepan Nikolic 80m – CW,  Single-Op 277 1
VK2AWD David Avery 80m – CW,  Single-Op 213 2
ZL3VZ Bill Cousins 80m – CW,  Single-Op 203 3
80M CW Single Op QRP
VK2CCC/Q Tomas Magyla 80m – CW,  Single-Op,  QRP 389 1
VK2RQ Matt Maguire 80m – CW,  Single-Op,  QRP 104 2
80m – Dig,  Single-Op
VK6XT Rick Hill 80m – Dig,  Single-Op 375 1
ZL3VZ Bill Cousins 80m – Dig,  Single-Op 258 2
VK5NE Paul Roehrs 80m – Dig,  Single-Op 250 3
VK2IUW Hilary Bridel 80m – Dig,  Single-Op 122 4
Both Bands – CW,  Single-Op
VK5LJ Lawrie Mew Both Bands – CW,  Single-Op 293 1
VK2BJT Ian Miller Both Bands – CW,  Single-Op 194 2
Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Multi-Op
ZL3YOK Quentin Pooke Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Multi-Op 459 1
ZL3YOK ZL2ARC, ZL3YOK Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Multi-Op 459 2
ZL3YOK ZL2ARC, ZL3YOK Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Multi-Op 459 2
Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Single-Op
VK2IO/P Gerard Hill Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Single-Op 613 1
VK4SN Alan Shannon Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Single-Op 314 2
ZL1BHD Steve Wright Both Bands – Multi Mode,  Single-Op 288 3