New Rules for Trans Tasman 2015

TT2015 has many rules changes.

There will be two contests that are identical – they will be held in May and July.

Both Contests will offer 160 80 40M Bands

There will be three Modes SSB CW and Digital. (RTTY or PSK)

There will be three power levels High (open) Medium (100 watt) and QRP (10 watts ).

There will be these power levels as categories for Single op and Multi Operator.

Categories will be :

Multi Op – High Low QRP

Single Op  High Low QRP

There will be no single mode or band category – We are trying to encourage all contesters to use multi modes/bands.

Repeat contacts will be allowed every  hour. You will be able to contact another station on SSB,CW and RTTY (PSK) every  hour on every band 160 80 40.

Multipliers will be in the shape of VK and ZL Prefixes eg ZL1-0 VK1-0 and ZM1-0 and VI1-0. (every hour)

All contacts will be worth 1 point. The multipliers will mean you will need to change bands to grab the extra multipliers.

These changes were bought about by the responses to the Survey of active competitors.