WOW – Some records could be ready to fall in the Oceania Dx Contest this weekend

The suns recent burst of activity will see ten metres pretty good and if the A and K index stays like it is 40M should be awesome –

Two key points to remember with the Oceania DX Contest –

#1 ┬áThe Prefix multipliers count on every band so you need to be active on as many bands as possible – Single ops this means changing bands often –

#2 Remember the 20M contacts are only worth 1 point each – so while you need to work 20M for the Multipliers the best results are had on 40M where each contact is worth 5 points or 10M where the contacts are worth 3 points

Best strategy ? Run USA whenever possible as there are so many prefix multipliers in USA – If you really want to win a category – keep your back side in the chair and the radio on and definitely use a good contest logger with PC interface.

Good Luck