Get off Social Media – Radio-Active Weekend

The 19th and 20th March has a great event on the Australian Ham Radio Calender – The John Moyle Field Memorial Day.

It is time to find the power Button on the radio and turn it to the ON position; skilled and more fortunate operators may have more than one radio and can then exhibit dexterity by turning more than one on !
These Radios (instruction manuals are usually in the top drawer) Have amazing features – You can hear people talking on them. Again referring to the instruction manual you can actually talk back to them.
This amazing piece of technology pre-dates Social Media – I know that is hard to believe but I can assure you that is the case.
The Start time of the John Moyle Memorial Field Day is 01:00 UTC – which aligns with the time Zone for Budapest for reasons that may be obvious to some.
You can enter for all of the 24 hours or a shortened 6 hour stint or heaven forbid – not even bother to send in a log and just enjoy yourself making contacts.

After you have given this a try you may like to participate in the next Radio Active weekend –

Lets make it a plan Stan – get on air for the one weekend – off social media and give the bands – any bands, a real rattle in the John Moyle Field Day,