BERU – Commonwealth Contest 2017

The 2017 Commonwealth contest will mark the 80th anniversary of this longstanding event.  The organisers are considering a range of initiatives to help celebrate the anniversary and make this an especially memorable event.

One of the ideas is to include a ‘vintage radio’ section. We are not sure how many serious contesters are into vintage radio but this might be a way to encourage some of the members of the vintage radio community who are not normally contesters to give it a go.
What do you reckon – worth pursuing? Any feedback about the idea would be appreciated so that the organisers can plan accordingly. Please feel free to forward this suggestion to any members of the VK vintage radio community.
Also, please make a point of blocking out the 11/12 March dates in your calendars for the 2017 event. Let’s aim for a record turnout from VK stations to make it a big celebration party!
73, Brian VK3MI ZL1AZE
bdm556 at bigpond dot com