AMC Refunds anyone who has paid for 2X1 Calls

AMC Refunds anyone who has paid for 2X1 Calls in what looks like a clearing of the decks without any announcements, the AMC has refunded multiple applications for 2X1 Callsigns,

We can only assume this is to prepare for a new system

According to VKCC Facebook pages

DXer VK3MH Brendan Bryant on Facebook..

“My 2X1 application fee was refunded this morning without explanation from AMC that was originally paid 31 july 2020, I dont think I will bother further with this farce of an organisation.”

“Brendan Bryant you should make a formal complaint to ACMA.”

Diane Main

Next excuse will be that it was for “accounting purposes” as the end of the Fin year is upon us and they can’t provide the service by July 1.
Richard Cerveny

Check your bank account for a UTas deposit if you thought you were in the running for a 2X1