JMMFD 2022

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I have updated the N1MM logger UDC (User Defined Contest) for HF John Moyle Field day.
It now includes ‘call history’ meaning that some calls when typed in will automatically display the persons name. Other UDC’s for VK contests have been updated for future use this year.

VKCL Logger is also still available and will work correctly.


VJ5T ready in all respects for JMMFD. Operators are Nigel VK5NIG and Stuart VK5STU

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VK3W set up. Caged verticals for 40, 20,15 & 10. 80 is a doublet. Good luck everyone!

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Another John Moyle Field Day done n dusted. 2 x solar panels, 1 x 120Ahr 1x 100Ahr batteries, HF Folded Dipole antenna 160- 10m, FT991A Radio.


Thanks to all those who participated in the spirit of the John Moyle field day contest.

We did as a club, up here in Bundy. With new operators, teaching radio and portable operations, in a “relaxed” contest situation to encourage participation and field day practice…not just to win.. even if they may have called a little fast, maybe not logged as quick or chatted a little to much for some. 🤔
We had an awesome time, and by being positive and pro active we have encouraged interest in future contest operators and ham radio participation. Callsign VK4BW. Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club.
John Moyle contest.
“The aim of the contest is to encourage and provide familiarization with portable and field operation, and provide training for emergency situations.”
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some pikkies from the VK4WIT portable operation at the Burdekin Duck Camp Grounds QG39EX98 during the 2022 John Moyle Memorial Field Day weekend

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Map of my John Moyle contest QSOs from QF55js with a few removed due to incorrect grid squares on
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Ready to start in Lulworth. Beautiful day, have had a walk on the beach with the dog. No bad weather expected. VK7C/P
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Would changing the JMMFD to all distance based scoring and the exchange to simply signal report and 6 character grid square make it a fairer contest ?

DG9FEM Robert dropped into the SCARC clubrooms during the Moyle Home Station operation.
Note the new footwarmer in optimum position. 6m single band amplifier.
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A great John Moyle Contest, best in 7 years.
VK2RT Portable from Durran Durra, With VK2NJP.
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