Author: Trent, VK4TS

VK Shires 2021 Survey The survey of entrants resulted in a majority asking for the contest to be expanded to cover ZL local [...]

Short call signs from the RSGB

UK Contest Callsigns Qualifying Criteria Qualifying criteria 4. The qualifying criteria are divided into two parts, – one for contest participation and [...]

WIA Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest 2021

Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge Contest Manager Alan Shannon VK4SN Contest Introduction Next contest - 17 JUL [...]

Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint 2021 Results released

RESULTS for 2021 posted below we apologise for the delay in publishing results from this years contest. We were delayed due to a significant number of logs [...]

from the WIA Facebook Page – AMC news update re callsigns.

Wireless Institute of Australia AMC news update re callsigns. Important Note: The WIA has developed and offered a complete [...]

ACMA Amateur radio update: June 2021

Amateur radio update: June 2021 In our third amateur e-bulletin for 2021, we provide an update on: the review of non-assigned amateur licensing 2x1 [...]

AMC Refunds anyone who has paid for 2X1 Calls

AMC Refunds anyone who has paid for 2X1 Calls in what looks like a clearing of the decks without any announcements, the AMC has refunded multiple applications [...]

A Bit of VKCC History for the 2X1 and High Power

Here is an interesting article from November 2015 from DXNews, as it shows who were the initial instigators of the 2x1 callsigns and higher power permits way [...]

Great News 2X1 WIA Pressure pulls programme across the line

Great news for the Australian Amateur Radio Cohort after the WIA’s affirmative call to action results in 2x1 Callsign announcement, after delays in the [...]

2X1 The WIA Steps Up to the Mark to help VKCC initiative

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) has offered to help the Australian Maritime College (AMC) with the implementation of the 2X1 Contest [...]