Author: Trent, VK4TS


All I’m the  Ross Hull VHF UHF Memorial Contest Manager and am looking to increase interest in this long running contest. The contest was [...]

75th Oceania DX Contest 3rd October 2020 WIA NZART

Contest history The historic Oceania DX (“OCDX”) Contest is one of the longest-running contests in the amateur radio calendar, on a par with classics [...]


The Oceania DX (OCDX) contest committee is pleased to announce that the full results of the 2019 OCDX contest have been published on the OCDX website at [...]

VKCC Lunch Ipswich Jets – Who you missed

VKCC Lunch Ipswich Jets - Who you missed   David VK4UC, constructor of many competitive high gain antenna from the G0KSC [...]

VK4 Lunch at Ipswich Jets 2018 Please RSVP to help organising The VK Contest Club [...]

Request to change the start time of the ODXT

Oceania Dx Contest Committee Forwarded 08/05/2018 Please add your weight to the move. Dear Sirs, I wish to ask that you consider a change to the [...]

TIme to get ready for the Oceania DX Contests

Next two weekends the Oceania DX Contests are about to happen Given the sunspots it will be a tough gig - Keep those ears tunes for the rare dx - This is [...]

Oceania Dx Contest SSB and CW 2018

  Counting down the final days!   A reminder that the 2018 OCDX contest is happening over the first two weekends in October. The PHONE [...]


Groups IO Many yahoo groups have moved over to the Groups IO format. We have setup a account. The advantage of Groups IO is listed as: [...]

RD Contest

Greetings RD Contestor. How do you send in your RD Log? Your log needs to be in Cabrillo [...]