After the Contest – Blow your trumpet

While many are happy to post to the VKCC Yahoo Forum this is a limited field and misses many of the O/S Stations you have worked; to update them different [...]

CQ WW 2013 SSB

The 2013 CQ World-Wide DX Contest SSB: October 26-27      CW: November 23-24 Starts 00:00:00 UTC Saturday    Ends 23:59:59 UTC Sunday I. [...]

Jack Files Contest 2008 Results

Overall Winner VK2HV Paul Hanna with 14280 points State winners VK2 SSB S/O VK2HV Paul Hanna VK3 SSB S/O VK3HJ [...]

Harry Angel Sprint 2008 Results

SSB only 1. VK2AEA Vlad 83 2. VK7VH Vince 68 3. VK3SSB Ash 67 4. VK4ZD Bill [...]