CHALLENGES The new Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge offers some interesting challenges - SOFTWARE  VKCL Mike VK3AVV has tested and tuned VKCL with a NEW [...]

New Rules for Trans Tasman 2015

TT2015 has many rules changes. There will be two contests that are identical - they will be held in May and July. Both Contests will offer 160 80 40M [...]

Final Results of the Trans Tasman 160M/80M Multi Mode Contest 2014

Final Results of the Trans Tasman 160M/80M Multi Mode Contest 2014 Single Op Roger Crofts VK4YB has proven he is the gun of the LF operators in VK and ZL [...]

VK2GGC ARRL 10M Contest

WELCOME TO VK2GGC AUSTRALIA 100 Miles NW Sydney, Australia. Thanks to all stations who called in to log a contact with us during the ARRL 10m Contest.  Here [...]

Worked All Germany Contest

Reminder Worked All Germany Contest This is the invitation and reminder for Worked All Germany Contest on the upcoming weekend of October 18/19th in CW and [...]

Monthly Sprints

COMING SOON First Contest November 2014 Every month - First Sunday of the month from 11:00 to 12:00 UTC. 80/40 SSB CW RTTY PSK VKCC Sprints will [...]

ILLW / RD – RD Managers point of view

  I cannot believe that so much AR publicity goes into maybe two ILLW stations who refuse to give out numbers for the RD, and maybe two rogue [...]

WIA AGM Sunshine Coast

http://www.wia.org.au/joinwia/wia/2014agm/ The Sunshine Coast where you will experience a laid-back lifestyle centred around pristine beaches, freshwater [...]

D4C CQWW DX 2013 Multi/Multi

D4C Update. Since we started the project we always wanted the possibility to cover all possible categories permitted by the contest rules. This means that [...]