Trans Tasman 2014

Trans Tasman 2014 results have been forwarded to all competitors – Website posts will be done in a couple of days as contestants have been asked to check spelling of names etc. Please advise if you (as a contestor) didn’t receive all emails . There should be three – the Survey, the Spreadsheet, and the Certificate Sample   de VK4TS vk4ts@wia.org.au


Contest Preparation a different slant

In what has been a major revelation in Amateur radio circles it has been revealed that all teams in the Soccer World Cup who abstained from sex have been eliminated before the quarter finals.

Competitors at the WRTC 2014 are reading this with interest as they seek to find any advantage over the opposition.

Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has allowed his men to go for their life, but they can’t engage in acrobatic sex.

Nigeria permits players to have sex; only with their wives but not their girlfriends.

We are still waiting for comments from WRTC competitors but at this stage we are sure plans are afoot….. In unrelated news Drug Stores in Marlborough MA have been swamped with Viagra orders..
Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/fifa-world-cup-2014/world-cup-news-2014/all-teams-with-sex-bans-out-of-world-cup-20140703-zsv24.html#ixzz36RPUAPco



VHF UHF Field Days Great opportunities to head for the hills!

The WIA VHF UHF Field Days are on this weekend – turn on the those multi band rigs and give out some numbers for the competitors – Or even better find the nearest big hill and make a noise to join the boys.


This is a special contest because it has two distinct scoring methods – one for real contesters and one for pretend contesters :-)

Good luck with whatever category you enter



Contester of the Year 2014 is Mr Peter Richardson VK2TQ (VK2PR)

The Winner of Contester of the Year 2014 is Mr Peter Richardson VK2TQ (VK2PR)


Peter maximized his scores in three different contests – The John Moyle the Harry Angel and the RD Contest for a total of 300 points- In Second place was 2013 Champion Alan VK4SN with 276 points and closely behind was Iain VK5ZD on 260.


Interestingly in all top three contesters an across the board effort was not needed but both Alan and Iain must now be wondering if only they had looked at some of the different contests.


Congratulations Peter a new benchmark has been set in the scoring and we look forward to seeing more from your radio exploits in 2014.


CQWPX SSB Big Scores

There were plenty of big scores in the recent WPX SSB but some very interesting and varied propagation.

From all over VK stations reported long path opening on 10M which is exceptional conditions.

VK4KW reported 2700 ten metre only QSOs in a score of 23M and they look like to have grabbed first place Oceania in the Multi Two category, because no one else showed up :-) – VK4KW also set a new Oceania Records for the most number of Prefixes in the contest working in excess of 1400 different ones.

From around the web – Single operator top dog appears to be 8P5A with another 23M tally with P49Y in second place on 21.6M ZM90DX looks like to have finished on top of Oceania with a great 9M score.

In Multi Single – the score on CN2AA of 55M is extraordinary and at this stage there were NO Oceania entrants

The Multi Multi  Category sees ES9C just fall short of 80M points with a great 79M point effort

The CW Section is coming up in May so get all those decoders working  !!!