Oceania Dx Contest – SSB and CW

Oceania Dx Contest 2013

VK4NM and VK4LAT are pushing the envelope to win a third straight Multi Single title in the Oceania Contest this weekend – The crew from St George certainly have the runs on the board and the low noise remote western Queensland location will be hot enough this weekend without amplifiers in the caravan..

Temperatures are expected in the 30s so a nice beer drinking climate. Continue reading


Remembrance Day Contest 2013 de VK7GN

Remembrance Day is uniquely Australian, created to remember and commemorate those who sacrificed lives, or their youth, in order that we can live in a free democracy.

Especially, of course, those holding amateur radio licences.

It was created as a competition between states so that everyone can be involved. The noise and activity is our tribute to the servicemen. It is a friendly contest with many just getting on to give out a few numbers and reconnect with old friends.

Remembrance day is the amateur radio equivalent of Anzac Day and as such should be the primary activity on the bands open within Australia on that special day making way only for any emergency traffic.

Lest we Forget

Author: Martin Luther VK7GN


Remembrance Day Contest 2013

August 17th and 18th will soon be with us for this years RD contest. This year the RD falls on the same weekend as the International Lighthouse weekend. Unfortunately the RD cannot be moved. Lighthouse stations are welcome and encouraged to submit logs for the RD while having enjoyed both activities.

I have already received an email stating that a VK5 club will be doing both activities together and I praise them for doing so. Remember that the new start and finish times are 0300z or 1PM eastern states time which will let you have half a day free on both days of the weekend. Teams were very successful last year, so please notify me of your team members prior to the start of the contest at vk4sn at wia dot org dot au.

73. de Alan VK4SN.


Results of 2011 Oceania DX Contest

The Oceania DX (OCDX) contest committee has advised that the results of the 2011 contest are now available at OCDX Contest website.

Here are the winners of the 2011 OCDX contest trophies and plaques:

OCEANIA Ron Wills ZL2TT Memorial Trophy – VK4QH

OCEANIA Single-Op ALL Band CW Plaque – VK2IM

OCEANIA Single-Op ALL Band LOW Power CW Plaque – ZL1TM


AUSTRALIA Frank Hine VK2QL Memorial Trophy – VK2IM

AUSTRALIA Club Plaque – Eastern & Mountain District Radio Club

ASIA Single-Op ALL Band PHONE Plaque – JA7NVF

ASIA Single-Op ALL Band CW Plaque – UA0CA

NORTH AMERICA Single-Op ALL Band PHONE Plaque – K8IA/7

NORTH AMERICA Single-Op ALL Band CW Plaque -N6RO

EUROPE Single-Op ALL Band PHONE Plaque – RS3A

EUROPE Frank Vander Drift VK3COF Memorial Plaque – YL3FT

Congratulations to all the winners !!!


OCDXC – Australia Club Competition Plaque

Awarded to the Australian radio club with the greatest number of member stations participating in the Oceania DX Contest.

For each club, the number of participating member stations is equal to the sum of the number of stations in the PHONE section and the number of stations in the CW section.


In case of a tie between two or more clubs, then the scores of the individual participating stations will be totalled for each club, and the plaque will be awarded to the club with the highest total score.

Please note the following:

  • To qualify as a participant, a station must log at least 50 valid contacts during either the PHONE or CW sections of the contest.
  • To be eligible for the plaque, a club must submit a minimum number of 5 participant stations.
  • Only local clubs in Australia are eligible for this award – national organizations or clubs like the WIA or VKCC are not eligible.
  • Participating club members must live within an area of a circle with a maximum of 200km diameter.
  • There must be at least 3 Clubs competing, for the plaque to be awarded.

A club must make an application to the Contest Committee to be considered for the award. The application is to identify the name and address of the club, along with a list of the participating member station call signs.


The application should be submitted to the same address (email or postal) as the contest logs and must be received before the closing date for the submission of logs.

The plaque is sponsored by the following VK Contest Club members:  ZL2TZE, VK2ARE, VK2IM, VK2PN, VK3TDX, VK4DX, VK4TS, VK6DXI