CW Contesting Efficiency Calculator

Hi All,

I have developed a tool on VBA that enables CW Contesters to check their
CW copying performance after the contest finishes.

You can download the excel file in the link below.

The file had 3 spreadsheets:

– “AllLog” is the contest log for all 20m QSOs (from Contest Cabrillo File).
– “20m” contains the extract of from log for the period of time where I
want to examine performance.
– “Audio” contains the logged Callsigns by the CW Skimmer after I played
back the contest audio recording for the same period of time (here limited
to about 20 minutes operation just for trial).

When running the macro and clicking “Calculate”, it will take each callsign
from the “Skimmed log” and check in the “20m” spreadsheet if that call was
copied by me or not during the contest. If yes, the callsign will trun
green. If not, the macro will go and check if that station came back and
call me on that band (returning station). If yes, the callsign will turn
yellow. If not, it will turn red (The skimmer copied it but I didn’t. The
station didn’t come back to me on that band).

The macro form will give numbers of:

– Total Callsigns Skimmed by CW Skimmer on that period.
– Callsigns that both Skimmer and I copied
– Percentage of callsigns both Skimmer and I copied against total stations
that called me.

In summary, the macro will give idea on how many calls I copied during the
contest versus all the station who called me on my frequency, I could hear
them, but they left the frequency when they didn’t get my answer in timely
manner, etc.
The non-returned stations percentage will give idea on the missed points
that could’ve been earned if I was more efficient copying callsigns.

You can change the spreadsheet content and calculate your performance. The
macro will know number of lines, etc.

The tool is just very basic now. If someone is interested to develop it
further, let’s discuss.



Ash ~ 3V8SS/KF5EYY
: (+216) 22670026 <+216%2022%20670%20026>
Skype: kf5eyy



While plenty of DX was worked during the 2015 Arizona QSO Party, there 
were NO entrants in the DX category! It's a shame to see a plaque going 
unawarded. Propagation willing, send in your entries for this year's 
AZQP. Who knows, you may receive a nice wall hanging!

Announcement below.

2016 Arizona QSO Party Announcement!

Announcing the 2016 Arizona QSO Party, sponsored by the ARRL Arizona 
Section and Catalina Radio Club, from Oct 8 1600Z to Oct 9 0600Z and Oct 
9 1400Z to Oct 9 2359Z. Phone, CW and Digital modes on 
160/80/40/20/15/10/6/2 meters. Single-Op, Multi-Op, Arizona Multi-Multi, 
Arizona County Expedition and Mobile categories. Work stations once per 
band and mode. Mobiles may be worked once per band and mode in each 
county. County Line operations (two counties max) count as 2 QSOs. 
Outside Arizona exchange sequential serial number and location (State, 
Province, or DXCC Prefix). Arizona Stations send sequential serial 
number and State/County abbreviation.

Suggested Frequencies (kHz):
CW: 1812, 3548, 7048, 14048, 21048, 28048, 50048.
SSB: 1848, 3848, 7189, 14248, 1348, 28448, 50148. FM Simplex: 146.48MHz.

One point per Phone QSO, two points for CW and Digital QSOs. Multipliers 
for non-AZ entries are the 15 AZ counties by band and mode. Multipliers 
for AZ entries are States, Provinces, and DXCC Countries by mode. Final 
score is total QSO points times total multipliers + 100pts for Special 
Event Station Mesa ARC, WM7RC.

Mail logs no later than Oct 31 to Catalina Radio Club, C/O Gary Keck, PO 
Box 17811, Tucson, AZ 85731 or via email to logs@azqsoparty.org . For 
full rules, along with log and summary sheets, Cabrillo electronic file 
format, and Award information, see

Arizona Operators: announce your own planned AZQP operation so we can 
cover ALL Arizona Counties. Please send planned operation details to 
info@AZQSOParty.org .

Looking forward to hearing you on the air!

73, +Gary Keck, KE7DX Base Communications Team Leader, PCOEM
Communications Group RST ARCA Coordinator Arizona QSO Party Coordinator
ARRL HF WAS Award Manager ARRL Life Member Member, Catalina Radio Club,
Radio Society of Tucson, Arizona Outlaws Contest Club

Nally Towers

Nally Towers QRT

After the passing of the owner Nally Towers ceased to trade in 2015.

The WebSite was shut down, and many have searched for the installation instructions.

We have added them to the media / downloads section of this website.


These are provided as historical information only and not for any other purpose. 

We acknowledge that Nally Copyright still exists and that the Engineering specifications provided are not current; 

People should also be aware that many towers on the second-hand market claiming to be Nally Towers often are not .

You need to do your own research prior to installing a tower and not rely on these documents alone.  

Before undertaking any installation work on a Nally tower, (any Tower) you should seek appropriate engineering advice.


Engineering Specs


Installation Specification Slab



Installation Specification Peir



Installation Specification Swinging Room



SD Logger for RD Contest

SD Logger for the RD Contest

From Paul EI5DI some good news –
Does SD logger run the RD Contest scoring ?
Pauls response
This is confirmed (to the best of my knowledge) with effect
from V18.35. Earlier versions of SD are NOT suitable.
Here are the relevant release notes for V18.35 – the
Remembrance Day option is free and unrestricted for all users.
V18.35 6 August 2016
WIA Remembrance Day Contest:
This is a free and unrestricted option for all users.
Any DEMO warnings may be ignored.
Fixed time-dependent scoring, and dupe resetting
after three hours.
When you type a call and SD flags it as a dupe, press
Enter to see the remaining time (minutes and seconds)
before that call will no longer be a dupe. Press minus
or Alt-W to clear the logging line.
Please invite anyone interested to download SD from
www.ei5di.com and try it for themselves BEFORE the
contest. If any bugs are identified I will fix them
within 24 hours, preferably before the contest :-)
Users are strongly recommended to read the manual SD.PDF
It is included as part of the installation.
Once again, SD is free and unrestricted for all users
in this contest. The relevant template is “WIA RD”,
located on the third page of contest options when you
start a new contest log with SD.
Please forward any questions or suggestions.
Paul EI5DI

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