VHF-UHF Field Day tactics – making even more contacts – by Scott VK4CZ

Each of the VHF-UHF Field Day’s when compared to traditional HF focused contests, require that more conciliatory strategies are leveraged to maximise a stations result.

  • Pick your section and run with it – make a conscious decision which section you’re competing in and plan your strategy to maximise your potential.
  • More bands equals more points – whilst most amateurs can easily establish a 6m, 2m & 70cm station easily (given the range of multi band txcrs available), try to also establish a station with access to higher bands to maximise your points.
  • Operating portable can add to your score – by picking a portable location that maximises potential operator populations, you will increase the potential for other stations to work you.
  • Having more unique stations is better than larger multi-op – given the available population of stations, supporting more unique (and mostly smaller) operations provides more Q potential than establishing a larger multi-op station.
  • Grid locators are like DXCC – finding a location that offers a unique grid will provide reason for ‘non-contesters’ an added reason to complete a Q with you.
  • Reworking is not a dupe – reworking a station every three hours is allowed. Don’t be afraid to ask for a future sked.
  • Your competitors are also your allies – without your competitors being on air and making contacts, you won’t succeed. Work in partnership and not in isolation.
  • Band change wins over runs – when working individual stations try to maximise the number of bands worked rather than seeking to establish a run on a single band.
  • Liaison and skeds are vital – Plan and confirm availability of stations for next contact to maximise opportunity for rework.
  • Assisted operating is not discouraged – looking for rework opportunities and unique Qs via ‘assisted’ means can help increase scores and is not discouraged. Leverage the likes of www.vklogger.com to find new and unique Qs.