Battle of the VK4s in ARRL 10M

Three stations appeared in the ARRL Ten Metre in the Multi Single Category – All contained operators from VK4KW.

It was mate against mate.

VK4WIL with VK4MN VK4SN and VK4QH were out to defend the LVRC title. Australian Multi Single Champions…

VK4KW with VK4TS and VK4BAA were out to make the best of conditions.

VK4NM with VK4NM and VK4LAT were out to prove that they could beat the old  guys.

The email chatter was endless in the leadup with side bets on who will win and who will lose – friendly rivalry at it’s best.

Who won and where did they finish up ?

From AL VK4SN:

Yes, I departed KW company this weekend to participate with our club VK4WIL, with Ken VK4QH and Peter VK4MN.

(VK4WIL has held the VK high power record since 1999 and set the new record in 2011)

Awesome conditions compared to last year when we couldn’t even hear voice stns from the US. The band was open to

after midnight both nights, and long path performing well then also. We only had a 50/50 CW to VX ratio this year,

which may have let us down a bit. So I reckon Phil, (KW) you have the lead on us this year.   Well done.
We had our sights on the Oceania record, but fell way short of the record being a tad below the 2 Million mark.

Only other VK stns I heard were 4TJF, TT, (and a couple of others I cannot remember) and VK4NM.  
VK4NM were hot on our tails keeping us as eager as ever, so a close finish for MS stations in VK4 for sure.

Great weekend and great scores.  Good luck to all, and thanks for the contacts.


and from PHIL VK4BAA

Yes, an excellent weekend.

We had a ball at VK4KW. Only myself and Trent VK4TS operating as all other VK4KW members

were elsewhere/overseas/asleep/drunk/whatever.

We had a couple of storms come through which lost us some time. We also had a couple of

operator errors which didn’t help either – lessons learned for next year maybe….?

VK4WIL were going great guns and were out to beat their own HP record from a year or two ago

and targeted the Oceania record. They must’ve done it, as they got around 2200 Qs with a good

proportion of CW QSOs I suspect. A lesson learned from previous years of operating in this

contest. This was probably a good year to enter the LP section as the band conditions were

astounding and this would’ve more than likely set a new LP VK record which would’ve been hard to

beat further down the track.

VK4NM were also on the band, putting out a big signal from St George. Around 1800 or so Qs – no

idea of the score.

I didn’t hear VK4UC, but there were some VK3 and VK2 stations also having a go on a lively band.

VK6 was in there too – but only one station if I recall correctly…..

We got around 2700 Qs for about 2M points. I reckon that VK4WIL may have pipped us to the post

however due to the CW Qs contributing to a higher score – but we got a higher QSO tally, so

maybe there’s a chance. I did the CW for us, but being as rusty as usual I struggled in the pile-

ups. More practice required!



and from Andrew VK4NM

Peter VK4LAT and myself entered the multi HP section of the ARRL contest last weekend.

As the header suggested both of us have never done CW before and I was only learning it on the PC a week before the contest started.

All up we spent 10 hours on CW for under 300 contacts so not exactly the qso rate one would expect in a contest.

All up we did a little over 1800 qso’s and just shy of 1,000,000 points. We are not entirely happy with our effort but didn’t expect much due to the lack of CW experience.

The final washup ?
VK4KW 1.98M Points, VK4WIL 1.7M Points and VK4NM in third…