Topband: 19th Stew Perry Top Band DX Challange

Greetings to All 160M Denizens present and future,

   The Boring Amateur Radio Club reminds all Top Band and
potential Top Band inhabitants of the upcoming Stew Perry Top Band
Distance Challenge happening Dec. 27 and 28 of this year. This is a
unique radio contest with unique rules. Please browse on over to the noted
website below and inhale the rules.
This contest requests that far thinking contesters develop the
for which the participants strive toward.  These stalwarts advance $60-63
for a plaque that they feel will spur on the competitive  work by Top Band
contesters. You can join this cutting edge group by notifying me of what
category you’d like to sponsor.
This list will grow as your imagination and contributions proliferate.

Donor                    Category
KL7RA                  Top # of QSOs
North Pole Contest We are cogitating
TF4M                     Top Score 160M mobile (must actually be able to
N0TT                      Top Score < 21 years old > 200 QSOs
TF4M                      Longest Distance QSO- 2 plaques
AA6VB                   Top Score,base loaded Vert <60′ tall
AA6VB                   Top Score big city >50K, little pistol <100W
KH6LC                    VK-ZL Challenge: Top Score VK-ZL
N5IA                       Most Grids worked
N5IA                      Highest score daylight operation only
K7FL                     Top Score 100% Search/Pounce
NA0Y                    Top Score USA
K6ND                    K6SE Memorial-Top Score World
K1EP                    Top Score by First time Entrant
K2PO                    Top Score,S/O,Low Power, Zone 3
TF3KX                   Aurora Borealis Award- Top Score N of 60 deg N
geomagnetic latitude
VK6VZ                  VK6HD Memorial- Top Score by N hemisphere
station working S hemisphere stations. Winner
gets Flying Doctors of VK baseball cap.
Dr. Beldaur-L1AR   Top score utilizing temporary antenna. (All parts
of temporary antenna including radials must be installed after
Dec. 14, 2014. This antenna must be the only antenna for
TopBand at the station, and may be left up, because as we
all know, “temporary” means “until I die”.)

For newly minted radio people this contest is a serious but low key
contest utilizing Morse code only on the 160M band. It uses grid squares
as multipliers rather than a host of many other silly things. Start now with
bargaining time during the Holidays with your loved ones for a stretch of
you can devote on the evening of Dec. 27 to exchange RF greetings on
one of the best bands available.
All categories have been approved by the Plaqueing Committee of The
Boring Amateur Radio Club. Some of the donors wish to remain
semi-anonymous. This is fine with us as the categories are not prurient and
the plaque fees have been received. Let me know if you’d like to sponsor a
plaque, anonymous or not.
Further Stew Perry TopBand Extravaganza notices will be promulgated
as the starting bell gets closer. Plan on participating in one of the best
ever designed, that among other things utilizes layers of our atmosphere
on Dec. 27-28.
73 and I remain,
Lew    w7ew
The Boring Amateur Radio Club Exhortation Committee