New Rule for CQWW – Recording of QSO’s – WARNING

This will  be a requirement in the not too distant future…you will need to record the entire contest.

It will affect most VK and ZL stations as we regularly finish in the top three in Oceania – Often because nobody else turns up but rules are rules.

NEW Rules for CQWW – (Probably extend to multi ops soon)

C. Audio Recordings: Any single operator entrant (see V.A.1) competing for a top three finish at the (a) World, (b) Continent, or (c) USA levels, must record the transmitted and received audio as heard by the operator for the duration of the contest operation. The recording must be in a common format (e.g., mp3) and should include the audio to each ear as a separate channel. The recording may be requested by the Committee within 90 days after the log deadline to help adjudicate the log. The recording files must be provided by the entrant within 5 days of the request. If no recording is made available, the Committee may reclassify or disqualify the entry.

From Dennis W1UE

“If you use N1MM+, the QSO Recording program by K3IT works great. Saves

a sound snip for each QSO (which can be turned off) and saves each

hour of the contest in a separate file.  Also records both radios in an SO2R setup.

Price was also right- twice as much as N1MMPlus.”