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Tom Schaefer, NY4I

CQ WW logs for both the SSB and CW contests are made available from the CQWW website. Here, you can access the Cabrillo files of those that have submitted logs. Checklogs are not included and logs are also stripped of email addresses.

One of the fields available in the Cabrillo file is the CREATED-BY field which contains the name of the contest logging program that created the Cabrillo file. In most cases,this is the name of the logging software. For processes that import their log and have a different utility create the actual Cabrillo file, it could be that name.

2015 CQ WW by Log Programs

2015 CQ WW Log Programs by % of Total Logs

Please note that the above charts are only for log programs with at least 200 submissions.
How was this data generated?

To generate this data, all these files were downloaded for a given year, and then a Perl script was used to read the logs looking for the CREATED-BY string. The data above is the result of a summation of the data by log program. Different versions were combined based on the first word (for example, all versions of N1MM are under the N1MM heading).

If you would like the raw data, you can click here to see a table of every logging program found (including version variants of the same program).

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