Great News 2X1 WIA Pressure pulls programme across the line

Great news for the Australian Amateur Radio Cohort after the WIA’s affirmative call to action results in 2×1 Callsign announcement, after delays in the implementation of the 2X1 Callsigns for a substantial period of time of around 18 months.

The WIA has received advice that the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) is intending to release an E-bulletin concerning the AMC (Australian Maritime College) implementation plans for the issue of this class of callsigns in the very near future. Whilst the WIA has not been privy to the specific AMC implementation details, it is believed they differ materially from the approach that has been originally proposed.

This appears to be as a direct result of the WIA offering to help with the implementation after lengthy delays.

The WIA was able to show within days that a system could be up and going and working,an amazing effort by the WIA IT team.

While the AMC did not take up the WIA offer, the WIA still extends it’s other services when needed to the AMC to help the cause of Australian Amateur Radio, as it does appear they are struggling with the intricacies of the administration of the AR system.

It is in the charter of the WIA to represent all Australian Radio Amateurs and we intend to uphold those high standards set by our predecessors.

VKCC congratulates our team members working on the 2X1 callsign programme implementation.