Hi all, Below is a list of log submissions for this year's CQWW SSB from VK. A total of 58 logs were submitted, 12 of which mentioned 'VK Contest Club' in the [...]


This weekends Action - CQ WPX RTTY Contest..8th and 9th March 2014 Dust off the diddly diddly's and get ready for some action as the bands are in fine [...]

CQWW CW 23rd and 24th November

http://www.cqww.com/records.htm Want to get you name in the record books ? VK 160M CW QRP has never been entered. Who will be the first to claim the vacant [...]

VK Records for Fastest QSO rates

  http://rate.r5ga.com/records.php?dxcc=VK ¬†you can directly up load the log to r5ga for inclusion in the rates [...]

Zone Prop – tools for the CQ WW

http://www.radiosport.ca/zoneprop/zone30.php This is updated every hour and lists the bands to best work the zones in any one hour - With the high sunspots [...]