Oceania DX Contest 2008

A reminder that the 72nd Oceania DX contest is happening on the first
two full weekends of October 2008, as follows:

PHONE: 08:00 UTC Saturday 4 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 5 October
CW: 08:00 UTC Saturday 11 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 12 October

The main aim of the contest is to promote HF contacts with stations in
the Oceania region. We are expecting a good turn out from VK, ZL and
YB stations, as well as stations from some of the rarer South Pacific
countries. Note that Oceania stations can work other Oceania and
non-Oceania stations. Non-Oceania stations can only work Oceania

Bands: 160M to 10M (excluding WARC bands).

Exchange: RS(T) + serial number.

QSO points: 20 points per QSO on 160M; 10 points on 80M; 5 points on
40M; 1 point on 20M; 2 points on 15M; and 3 points on 10M.

Final Score: The sum of the QSO points multiplied by the number of
prefixes worked (the same prefix can be counted once on each band).

Deadline: All logs must be emailed or postmarked NO LATER than 10
November 2008.

More information about the contest, including the detailed rules, is
available from the Oceania DX Contest web site at