Month: June 2015

Super Check Partial database Update

FROM K6TU Hi Folks! I am planning to release a new version of the Super Check Partial database files on July 2nd, 2015.  I am requesting your logs for [...]

Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge 2015

Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio club received this via the club Yahoo Group - but it needed sharing :-) Just a bit more information for club members of [...]

New Rule for CQWW – Recording of QSO’s – WARNING

This will  be a requirement in the not too distant will need to record the entire contest. It will affect most VK and ZL stations as we [...]

WRTC 2018 Germany Latest Updates

WRTC 2018 is now updated to include ARRL SSB and CW - VK4LAT leapfrogs VK4SN VK4NM and VK4TS to nab first place in VK !!!! Must be something about the water in [...]