ALL ASIAN SSB September 7-8th 2013

(1) CW ……….. “CQ AA”
(2) Phone…….. “CQ AA Contest”

(1) For OM stations: RS(T) report plus operators’ age
For example (If operator is 25 years old): Phone……..5925, CW……….59925
(2) For YL stations: RS(T) report plus operators’ age, but if the operator does
not want to send her age, RS(T) report plus “00” (zero zero) can be sent.
For example (the operator is 25 years old):
Phone……..5925(or 5900), CW……….59925(or 59900)
(3) For Multi-Operator stations: RS(T) report plus the averaged age of operators,
but if each operator wishes, the age of active operator can be sent.
For example (the operators are 25 and 35 years old):
Phone……..5930 for all operators
(or 5925 for 25 years old operator and 5935 for 35 years old operator),
CW……….59930 for all operators
(or 59925 for 25 years old operator and 59935 for 35 years old operator)

(1) No cross band contacts is permitted.
(2) No change of operating site is permitted.
(3) For single Operator and Multi-Operator Single Transmitter entry:
Transmitting two signals or more at the same time, including cases of
different bands, is not permitted.
(Except transmitting two signals to get New Multiplier under the 10 minutes rules)
(4) For Multi-Operator’s entry: Transmitting two signals or more at the same time
within the same band is not permitted.
(5) No operation from two sites or more for Multi-Operator’s entry.
(6) No contact made through repeaters is permitted.


(1) For Asian stations:
① Points……..Completed contact will be scored as follows. Contact among same
entities will neither count as a point nor a multiplier. Duplicate contact with
the same station on same band will not count as a point.

160m band……3 points per Asian QSO. 9 points per Non-Asian QSO.
80m band …….2 points per Asian QSO. 6 points per Non-Asian QSO.
10m band …….2 points per Asian QSO. 6 points per Non-Asian QSO.
Other bands….1 point per Asian QSO. 3 points per Non-Asian QSO.

②Multipliers……..The total number of different entities
(according to the DXCC List) worked on each band.

(2) For non-Asian stations:
① Points…….Completed contact with Asian stations
(excluding U.S. auxiliary military radio stations in the Far East, Japan)
will be counted as follows:

160m band…………..3 points
80m band ……………2 points
10m band ……………2 points
Other bands…………1 point

② Multipliers…….The total number of different Asian Prefixes
(according to the WPX Contest rules) worked on each band.

(3) JD1 stations.
●JD1 stations on Ogasawara (Bonin and Volcano) Islands belong to Asia.
●JD1 stations on Minami-tori Shima(Marcus) Islands belong to Oceania.

(4) Maritime Mobile Stations
For all maritime mobile stations at any location (no matter outside or inside Asia),
completed contacts with only Asian stations can be counted. The total score will be
published in the contest results. But, they will not be ranked. Contacts points with
maritime mobile stations will be considered as same as contacts among Asian
stations. But, it will not count as multiplier.

(1) Multi-band
(The total of the contact points on each band) x
(The total of the multipliers on each band)
(2) Single-Band
(The total contact points on the band) x (The total multipliers on the band)

(1) Submit a summary sheet and logs of only one entry classification.
E-mail submission will be welcomed.
●E-mail submission
JARL Format   or   Cabrillo Format.