Zone Prop – tools for the CQ WW

This is updated every hour and lists the bands to best work the zones in any one hour – With the high sunspots there will be lots of countries to be worked this weekend.

Radio Sport Canada (RSC)


Radio Sport Canada strives to provide tools, techniques, data and a knowledge base to individuals and groups interested in gathering information and insight into the sport of amateur radio contesting and the needs and desires of the participating communities


Currently three projects are in progress. A brief description of each is given in the table below. Each project can be accessed by selecting the appropriate item from the table of contents on the left hand side of the screen


Project Description
Special Call Sign The special call sign project prepared recommendations to encourage Industry Canada to modernize its allocation of prefixes and suffixes for use in special events including contests. A national survey of contesters was done and a final report prepared. On June 7, 2007 the RAC Board of Directors accepted the report and it will be raised for discussion with Industry Canada at the next CARAB meeting.
Radio Sport Research The radio sport research project encourages the use of analytical techniques to improve our understanding of radio sports. Currently, there are two projects in this section: a CQWW log analysis of two radio event signatures of world class cw operators and a graphical and tabular interface into the contest scores database.
ZoneProp ZoneProp uses a widely accepted propagation engine to determine the band on which a contestant in one CQ DX zone is likely to be able to contact a contestant in another CQ DX zone taking into account the current geomagnetic activity.