Selection Criteria for WRTC 2018

The selection criteria for WRTC 2018 has been published:

Looking briefly at it, the good news is that there are 2 teams from Oceania (OC-north and OC-south) again.  Let’s hope that it will not end up as in 2010 when the OC-north team decided not to go to Russia and that did upset others who were keen to go from other parts of the world.  I believe that that might have eventuated in the 2014 decision for only one team from Oceania.
ODXC has been dropped and WAG has been added.  Weighting has changed.  Assisted and non-assisted have been merged for all contests.  SO-HP and SO-LP are both 1.0 and all multi-op categories are now less than 1.0.
Vlad VK2IM