CW Contesting Efficiency Calculator

Hi All,

I have developed a tool on VBA that enables CW Contesters to check their
CW copying performance after the contest finishes.

You can download the excel file in the link below.

The file had 3 spreadsheets:

– “AllLog” is the contest log for all 20m QSOs (from Contest Cabrillo File).
– “20m” contains the extract of from log for the period of time where I
want to examine performance.
– “Audio” contains the logged Callsigns by the CW Skimmer after I played
back the contest audio recording for the same period of time (here limited
to about 20 minutes operation just for trial).

When running the macro and clicking “Calculate”, it will take each callsign
from the “Skimmed log” and check in the “20m” spreadsheet if that call was
copied by me or not during the contest. If yes, the callsign will trun
green. If not, the macro will go and check if that station came back and
call me on that band (returning station). If yes, the callsign will turn
yellow. If not, it will turn red (The skimmer copied it but I didn’t. The
station didn’t come back to me on that band).

The macro form will give numbers of:

– Total Callsigns Skimmed by CW Skimmer on that period.
– Callsigns that both Skimmer and I copied
– Percentage of callsigns both Skimmer and I copied against total stations
that called me.

In summary, the macro will give idea on how many calls I copied during the
contest versus all the station who called me on my frequency, I could hear
them, but they left the frequency when they didn’t get my answer in timely
manner, etc.
The non-returned stations percentage will give idea on the missed points
that could’ve been earned if I was more efficient copying callsigns.

You can change the spreadsheet content and calculate your performance. The
macro will know number of lines, etc.

The tool is just very basic now. If someone is interested to develop it
further, let’s discuss.



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