ZL Sprints

The ZL Winter Sprint series starts on Tuesday 13 June 2017 at 8pm NZ Time.  The format is to work as many other ZLs as you can in an hour, with the first half hour being CW and the second half hour SSB.  The exchange is signal report and outside temperature (if it is below zero then record the number with an “M” in front of it e.g. M1 is minus 1).  Each QSO is worth one point and there are no multipliers.

The Sprint runs for six consecutive Tuesdays, the first three on 40m and the last three on 80m.

Logs must be sent to me within 24 hours of each round to be counted and scores will be posted weekly.

Recommended frequencies are:

40m:  CW 7015-7035  SSB 7100-7150
80m:  CW  3520-3550 SSB 3600-3650

The full rules can be found here http://zl3x.com/zl-winter-sprint/.