VKCC Lunch Ipswich Jets – Who you missed

VKCC Lunch Ipswich Jets – Who you missed


David VK4UC, constructor of many competitive high gain antenna from the G0KSC stable


Bernd VK2IA, Member of the CQWW Committee and WRTC 2018 Official

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Kevin VK4UH member of Redcliffe Radio club , one of the VK9NA team, co-manager of the Harry Angel Contest

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Roger VK2ZRH VHF UHF Contest manager for the WIA Field Days

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John VK4EMM or VK4CT QLD based cw contester, record holder in CQWPX CW

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Ken VK4QH owner of one of the top VK Single operator stations. record holder Oceania DX Contest SSB

Alan VK4SN Contest manager of the WIA RD Contest


Col VK4MIL long term enthusiast on 6M bands and up

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