AREG Lockdown Contest


AREG Lockdown Contest

As most of us will be locked down for at least the next seven days we have thought up a little contest to have some fun.
The idea of the contest is to promote radio contacts between VK Amateurs during the SA Lockdown. Bonus points will be Awarded for working AREG members (you need to ask as we have members in most states) and VK calls ending in PF (Pfizer) and AZ (AstraZeneca).
The Contest will start at 6pm on 20 July 2021 and conclude at the end of the lock down.


Contacts may be made by any Voice, Morse Code or Digital modes, in any Amateur Band between 160M and 23cm (WARC Bands excluded) by any mode (yes even FT8). Contacts can be made Simplex or via a Repeater. The term Repeater also includes IRLP, DStar, DMR or similar (but not Zoom, Skype, Teams or mobile phones).
Use of remote transmitting stations within VK or remote receivers (like the AREG one) permitted. The key rule is there must be some RF in a ham band from 160M to 23cm involved.
Stations (which must be in VK) may be reworked after 12 hours per band.
The required exchange is RS(T) and a sequential number beginning with 001. If you change bands then don’t restart the numbers.
Suggested call syntax is ‘CQ Lockdown de VK????’
Keep a log to verify your efforts.


2 points for a simplex contact (double points for an AREG member)
1 point for a Repeater contact (double points for an AREG member)
5 points for working VK?AZ (because its not as good as PF)
10 points for working VK?PF


What is the prize? – We don’t know yet – maybe a coveted AREG sticker? Or just the knowledge that you are the best Lockdown Operator in the competition. The goal is the have fun and got on air this lockdown
Any questions to Chris,