VK Shires Contest 2022

Just a week to go before the Annual VK Shires Contest. Current rules and Shires Listings (in excel format) can be found at [...]

Anzac Day Contest 2022

Keep your calendars clear for the Anzac Day Contest taking place on Monday 25th April 2022. Australia and New Zealand to the [...]

Harry Angel Memorial 80m Sprint 2021 Results released

RESULTS for 2021 posted below we apologise for the delay in publishing results from this years contest. We were delayed due to a significant number of logs [...]

NEW RSGB HF Contest Clashes with Oceania Contest

NEW RSGB HF Contest Clashes with Oceania Contest http://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2017/rOctoberDX.shtml The RSGB DX Contest is a development of a long [...]

BERU – Commonwealth Contest 2017

BERU - Commonwealth Contest 2017 The 2017 Commonwealth contest will mark the 80th anniversary of this longstanding event.  The organisers are considering a [...]

SD Logger for RD Contest

SD Logger for the RD Contest From Paul EI5DI some good news - Does SD logger run the RD Contest scoring ? Pauls response This is confirmed (to the [...]

John Moyle Field Day Redux

  The Field Day is over for another year but there was plenty of action around the bands -   VK4BZ/P Broke NSW From Broke NSW (near [...]

Get off Social Media – Radio-Active Weekend

The 19th and 20th March has a great event on the Australian Ham Radio Calender - The John Moyle Field Memorial Day. It is time to find the power Button on the [...]

John Moyle Memorial Field Day 2016

Rather than tapping away on the internet, here is a very good opportunity to get on air. If you have a radio there should be no excuse. I am thinking of [...]


  WOW - Some records could be ready to fall in the Oceania Dx Contest this weekend The suns recent burst of activity will see ten metres pretty [...]