NEW RSGB HF Contest Clashes with Oceania Contest

NEW RSGB HF Contest Clashes with Oceania Contest

The RSGB DX Contest is a development of a long established series of HF contests on 21 and 28 MHz which are now expanded to include 3.5, 7 and 14MHz to accommodate periods of poor propagation on the higher bands. This contest is always an excellent opportunity for UK&CD stations to have DX QSOs and for non-UK stations to work United Kingdom and Crown Dependencies (UK&CD) stations on multiple bands and modes.

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Note – In the 2018 event, it is planned that individual scores in this RSGB DX Contest may contribute towards a Society’s overall score in the Autumn Series. More details in next year’s Rules.

This will mean the Oceania SSB weekend will over lap with the new RSGB challenger for the weekend AIR TIME

This should give the Oceania weekend some more people on air for the contest – be interesting how it pans out.

With October being such a heavy month on the contest scene there would be a few happy to see the Oceania take a leaf from the RSGB and combine the SSB and CW weekends but I doubt that would garner support.

de VK4TS