2014 Oceania DX contest

Dear contesters

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 Oceania DX contest and to
those who have already submitted logs.

Conditions were good on both the PHONE and CW weekends but especially so on
the PHONE weekend. It looks like a new record will be set for activity in
the PHONE section.

All logs are to be emailed or postmarked NO LATER than Friday 31 October
2014. We encourage everyone who participated to submit their log, even if
only for one or two QSOs, or as a check log.

Computer generated PHONE and CW logs are to be in Cabrillo format and
emailed to ph@oceaniadxcontest.com and cw@oceaniadxcontest.com respectively.
Please include only your call sign in the email subject line. An email robot
processes all incoming logs and you should receive an acknowledgment from
the robot to confirm whether your log has been accepted. If you do not
receive an acknowledgment, or are having any other difficulty, then please
email a copy of the log and description of the problem to
info@oceaniadxcontest.com .

Paper logs are to be posted to “Oceania DX Contest, c/o PO Box 21088, Little
Lonsdale Street, Victoria 8011, Australia”. Alternatively, a scanned copy of
the log can can be emailed to info@oceaniadxcontest.com .

Special note for VK and ZL entrants: Remember to identify the club that you
belong to in the CLUB: field of the Cabrillo header information, so that
your log can be considered for the Australia Club Plaque or the New Zealand
Club Competition Plaque.

A list of the logs received and claimed scores is updated regularly on the
Oceania DX Contest web site at http://www.oceaniadxcontest.com/. Further
information about the rules and contest is also available on the web site.


OCDX Contest Committee