Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge 2015

Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio club received this via the club Yahoo Group – but it needed sharing 🙂

Just a bit more information for club members of SCARC…

The Trans Tasman Low Bands Challenge offers an easy evening of 160 80 40 from local 6pm until 2 am.

The contest is held on the Saturday night of the third full weekend of July (18th July) Start Time is 08:00 UTC and finish time is 14:00 UTC.

This contest is to encourage Low Band Activity in Australia and New Zealand – The applicable bands are 160, 80 and 40M.

The modes are SSB CW and Digital (RTTY and PSK only).

We are allowed three transmitters – one for each band. We need to be agile with the mode changes to bounce from CW to SSB to RTTY/PSK.

It will be a nice easy opportunity to learn the ropes on HF Contesting and learn the ropes on a multitude of rules and modes.

As part of  the evening I would like to be able to offer the ability to run split headphones so that people who have not contested before are able to learn in a friendly environment.

WE WILL NOT BE USING ANY MORE THAN 100 WATTS.   (NB there is no 100 watt restriction)

Should be a good fun night and good preparation for the Remembrance Day Contest in August.