Request for stories and photos de K7ZO

With the ARRL 10 Meter Contest now history I will repeat my request for stories and photos. As the author of the 10 Meter Contest articles for QST Magazine and ARRL.ORG online I am looking for whatever you have. For example:

Photos and stories about you putting together an antenna just for the contest. Tell me about what you did and send me some photos of the effort! You climbed to the top of your 180 foot tower on Friday afternoon in a snowstorm to fix an antenna or rotor! I want to know about that and have a picture.

Photos from your station and shack. If you have stacked yagis overlooking a beautiful blue ocean where the weather is warm, the breezes gentle, and the 807’s ice cold — I want to see it. (Heck — I wanted to be there!) If you have them with snowy mountains in the background. I want to see them. If your cat curled up next to your amplifier to keep warm — I want that photo. If you babysat your grandkid in your lap while running stations — I want that photo. If you managed to pull out that 4S7 long path by squeezing your headphones against your head tighter than you could ever imagine — I want that photo. If you are using a vintage classic radio with nice warm glows of tubes and dials — send me a photo of you intently operating it. If your amp blew up on Saturday during the major inter-continental opening – send me a picture of what its innards looked like and you intently fixing it. Etc. You get the idea.

Great stories from the weekend — your favorite QSO, a hilarious moment, something you never thought would happen but did, working an All-Time-New-One. I want to hear about it. And, I will make sure everyone knows about it.

As far as photos go — send me the photos with as many pixels as you got. I will handle it from there. There is no such thing in my article authoring business as too many pixels. And, if you take the picture of someone, or have someone take your picture, please make sure a face is clearly visible. And, of course, make sure the important stuff is in focus.

I look forward to receiving your photos and stories. Just send them direct to me at   73 Scott/K7ZO