Missing the John Moyle Field Day but amazing just how many contests are on in March 2023. Table from [...]

Request for stories and photos de K7ZO

With the ARRL 10 Meter Contest now history I will repeat my request for stories and photos. As the author of the 10 Meter Contest articles for QST Magazine [...]

The K3LR Visit !!! de VK3TZ and VK3GK

A bit of a report on a visit to Tim (K3LRs) station. It has been about 2.5 mths now, so I might have a few of the details a little wrong (it was a 6 week tour [...]

ARRL DX Contests 2015

About Objective: To encourage W/VE stations to expand knowledge of DX propagation on the HF and MF bands, improve operating skills, and improve station [...]

VK2GGC ARRL 10M Contest

WELCOME TO VK2GGC AUSTRALIA 100 Miles NW Sydney, Australia. Thanks to all stations who called in to log a contact with us during the ARRL 10m Contest.  Here [...]

ARRL RTTY ROUNDUP – Begins 1800 UTC Saturday, ends 2400 UTC Sunday (January 4-5, 2014)

The ARRL RTTY Roundup is on this weekend - for Eastern States that is a 4am Real time Sunday Start - Rules are similar to the 10M ARRL but a multiplier is [...]