The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) are pleased to announce the release of the new online awards system. Please go to http://www.wia.org.au/members/awards/ to access the system.

All WIA awards are supported, including:
• DXCC Multi-mode
• DXCC Multi-band
• Grid Square
• VHF/UHF Century Club
• Antarctic
• Worked All States VHF
• Worked All VK Call Areas HF
• Heard All VK Call Areas HF
• Worked All VK Call Areas VHF
• IARU Worked All Continents

The basic steps for claiming awards are as follows:
1. Upload your ADIF (V2 or V3) log. You can upload updated logs and they will be merged. You can zip the file.
2. Verify all your QSO’s. There are 4 types of verification that need to be performed.
Verify DXCC – checks/corrects DXCC entity number of QSO at clublog.org
Verify eQSL™ – verifies QSO’s with eQSL.cc. Only AG subscribers apply.
Verify LOTW™ – verifies your QSO’s with the ARRL Logbook Of The World™.
Verify Paper – in your Profile, ensure that you authorise two other Amateurs to verify your QSL cards.
3. Show award status – lets you check your progress towards achieving an award, and details those you qualify for.
4. Apply for award – allows you to submit a claim for an award.
5. Print certificate – allows you to print any award certificate you have been granted.

Please note:
1. There is a minor problem with the upload progress – it says “Done.” when it isn’t. Just wait a few minutes after uploading and your log should be processed normally.
2. Ignore the pink message saying “Incorrect key”. Nothing to do with awards system