Contester of the Month HARY 9M2GET July 2017

Contester of the Month HARY 9M2GET 9M2SM 9M2M W9UN. Crew for 9M2MI 9M90IARU [...]

Nally Towers

Nally Towers QRT After the passing of the owner Nally Towers ceased to trade in 2015. The WebSite was shut down, and many have searched for the [...]

John Moyle Field Day Redux

  The Field Day is over for another year but there was plenty of action around the bands -   VK4BZ/P Broke NSW From Broke NSW (near [...]

The K3LR Visit !!! de VK3TZ and VK3GK

A bit of a report on a visit to Tim (K3LRs) station. It has been about 2.5 mths now, so I might have a few of the details a little wrong (it was a 6 week tour [...]

Battle of the VK4s in ARRL 10M

Three stations appeared in the ARRL Ten Metre in the Multi Single Category - All contained operators from VK4KW. It was mate against mate. [...]

IARU 2014 MULTI MULTI Project…

IARU 2014 MULTI MULTI Project... When the VKCC was formed one of the ideals to achieve was a Multi Multi in the IARU Radiosport. Back then we had no stations [...]